SDRs, AEs, and ABCs: How the Best B2B Tech Teams Use Sales Enablement Training Software to Succeed 

If you’re in sales, you’ve heard all of the acronyms under the sun. Your job title has probably included a few of them—SDRs, AEs, BDRs, and BDAs unite! And if you’re in sales at a B2B tech company you’ve probably invented a few acronyms of your own. 

But what you might not have considered is what all of those acronym-clad coworkers of yours are using to train, coach, and equip themselves. In other words, what they’re using to master the ABCs of sales, if you will. 


Sure, there’s the old adage “Always Be Closing,” but if sales was that simple the sales enablement training software industry wouldn’t be booming like it is. Clearly, there are a few more ABCs that your sales team needs to succeed, and B2B sales enablement tools can help your team learn them. 

The ABCs of Sales Enablement Software 

A—Always Be Learning

One of the challenges in any sales organization is finding a balance between training, coaching, and enablement and prospecting, selling, and closing. Traditional sales enablement training programs rely on disruptive and time-consuming in-person training sessions. But the best sales enablement software makes it easy for reps to rely on training in their moment of need—maximizing the impact of any training time. 

For instance, if a rep finds they’re up against a tough competitor, there’s a 5-minute micro-lesson they can use to refresh themselves on the pros and cons. Or, if they’re struggling to articulate a particular selling point, they can practice realistic scenarios without inconveniencing their leaders or peers’ schedules. (Our hot tip here is to use a sales enablement platform that supports video recording and coaching at scale.) Then, if managers notice a glaring knowledge gap in their sales organization they can easily create sales enablement materials so gaps can be mitigated much faster than before. The opportunities are truly endless. 

B—Be Ready for Anything

If there’s one thing we know about B2B tech, it’s that things move fast. Your sales enablement tools need to keep up. 

Think about product knowledge alone. How often are you launching new products or updating your assortment, pricing, or product details? In an ideal world, it’s probably pretty often. But, if your reps are relying on outdated physical sales enablement materials, they’re already behind the 8-ball. That’s why it’s important to create a sales enablement strategy that’s easily and quickly adaptable to the changing market and to your changing team. 

C—Challenge the Status Quo 

In tech, and in most industries quite honestly, sticking to “the way things have always been done” leads to results that look a lot like they always have—and that’s the best case scenario. At worst, that “maintenance mode” means that your reps are getting lost in the dust as their competitors zoom past. 

The good news? Most people working in tech enjoy a challenge. They’re used to change. Some even thrive on it. Keep them engaged and on their toes with sales enablement techniques that challenge them—consider social selling, sales coaching, and role playing activities as just a few examples. After all, keeping your reps engaged is a big deal for your bottom line. In fact, companies with highly engaged employees outperform their competitors by a staggering 147%, according to a recent Forbes article.

D—Do Better Work 

I know we promised the ABCs, but can we continue on to the “D” of the alphabet? Around the halls of Lessonly by Seismic, “DBW” stands for “Do Better Work.” It’s our guiding mantra, a main tenant in our mission statement, and it’s kicked off an entire movement. When we say “Do Better Work,” we’re talking about creating clarity, camaraderie, and progress at work. (Our CEO and Founder Max Yoder even wrote a book about it.) 

Whatever your guiding principles are,  a sales enablement tool puts a new—or renewed—focus on the values and vision you’ve set for your tech company. One person working towards a meaningful goal is great, but a whole bunch of people moving as a united front is powerful stuff. 

So, now you know your ABCs…

Next time, won’t you sing the praises of sales enablement software with me? Start your training, coaching, and sales enablement journey with Lessonly. Book time with us to chat about your goals, and we’ll show you Lessonly’s powerfully simple sales enablement training software in action.

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