Positive Performance Review Phrases to Foster Growth


You know, positive performance review phrases. A positive review contrasts a typical review, which often slips into negativity for combatting issues an employee might face. For example, instead of simply criticizing and employee’s output, you could offer support and help to get them to achieve a goal.

A performance review can be an influential time in any employee’s career. While they are with your company, ensure that they have a positive experience with every performance appraisal. A positive appraisal can completely revitalize your team and inspire coworkers to work even harder.


A performance review with a positive spin can be helpful by offering constructive feedback by communicating to your team where you want them to be versus where they are now rather than telling them they aren’t working hard enough. By offering SMART goals, your team will strive to reach them.

Keep your office upbeat throughout performance review times. Some offices may seem nervousness or anxiety arise when performance reviews are around the corner, but with positive reviews, you can ensure your employees will be excited to see how they can improve.


To combat the tendency to offer negative feedback in a straightforward way, ask what you can do as a manager to help them strive to reach new heights. Rather than just telling them they are underperforming, be a mentor. When you offer to help your team, they see the struggle as a team effort rather than just an individual barrier to success.

Your office environment should be built on cooperation and one way to continue that teamwork is through motivation and encouragement. When reviewing employees, if managers use positive phrasing to address issues, team members leave motivated, encouraged, and ready to conquer the next quarter. Your employees should feel like you are their mentor and not just the person cracking the whip on the back of the sled yelling “Mush.” They would be the sled dogs in that metaphor.


Yes, really. To start, try practicing with another manager. Pitch them on the importance of positive phrasing, so both teams can benefit from the new method. When your team really feels like a team, you will be able to tell the difference. The collaboration and willingness to help in the office will grow out the office shag carpet or vinyl–whatever you have in your office.

Like a proton, stay positive. Your employees will thank you.

If you want to keep their lessons positive as well, you can start here.

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