The Importance of a Training Plan Template

When starting a training program for your team or company, a training plan template can expedite the process. Let’s take a look at how a training plan can save you time and keep your learning consistent:

Time saved

When you have a training plan, you no longer need to remember everything you wanted to cover for every class of new hires. You can simply copy and paste the template onto the new hires’ schedules. You only need to spend time organizing training materials one time.

Whether you have multiple teams to train or even just your sales team, you likely have several lessons, which right now may be in multiple locations. You may have some google docs, a few powerpoints, then you have to coordinate with Jerry to present HR policies to the new kids on the block. With a training plan template, you can organize all that material into one location. Instead of opening up 70 tabs to pull up all of your training materials you could include links to each location in the spreadsheet.

A better idea than having multiple sources of information is to try out Lessonly. You may find that building lessons and keeping them in the same system is better for your team than working through google docs, presentations, or wikis.


When you use the same employee training plan template throughout hiring classes, every person coming through your company has a similar experience. You no longer have to worry about a class missing out on an activity, experience, or lesson. Stop experiencing the feeling of forgetting if you left the oven on–speaking of, did I turn my oven off when I left this morning…

Your learners will thank you when they come to the end of your action-packed, brain-bursting learning process. After you get your hands on a sample training plan, consider sharing it with other teams around the office. You all may find that centralizing your training in one location is much better than a previous system.

What success have you had with a training plan template? We’d love to see what you’ve started with our template, share your story in the comments.

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