How to Build a Training Manual Template

Onboarding can be a hassle unless you have a plan. When you have a standardized training manual template, you can update your training plan for each new class rather than create a new one for each new hire. Here’s our advice for how to get started:

Training material, assemble

In my head, I said that as a superhero calling upon his team. I hope you read it the same way. The first step in setting up your training manual for success is to gather all of your training material. You can’t make a plan and organize without seeing what you have. If you find outdated or duplicated training material, now is the time to upgrade.

Organize everything

So, you’ve gathered your training material and updated everything and now it is time to start organizing your training. What lessons are you going to prioritize and what lessons will be taken on what day? The onboarding process is the most impactful time of a new hire and you don’t want them to kick off their welcoming with confusion and disorganization.

Onboard yourself

Ideally, put yourself in the shoes of a new hire and try to onboard yourself in your company. If you didn’t find any missing lessons in the previous section, now is the time you would find those. You may realize that you have no idea how to maintain certain documentation or operate a new piece of machinery without removing your fingers with your current lessons.

Revise and review your training

When training isn’t up to par, the safety of your employees is at risk as well as the efficiency of your team or business. After you have revised you lessons, walk through the onboarding process again. If it better the second time around, pull in another manager who knows what the training should entail to walk through your training with you or by themselves.

Get feedback

Diving into a project can sometimes end in you drowning in multi-tasking or even getting lost in the sea of content. Asking for feedback from the manager who reviewed the training or even asking new employees for feedback can result in better training in the future.Who knows the training better than the people who just went through it? When you try to create training from the ground up, you can easily skip over tasks that may seem simple to you, but are complex to people who haven’t been there before.

Check out our training manual template to get started. Don’t wait until you think you might need training. Start forming your training so you can start right away when that new round of funding comes into your hands.

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Pros of Building A Training Manual Template

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