Employee Performance Review Phrases That Will Leave Your Employees Smiling

It can be hard to get excited about employee performance review phrases when you first read about them. But, once you start using them, it will be hard to stop and your employees won’t want you to. Performance reviews have divulged to become more criticism and less constructive. If you use employee performance review phrases, you can bring the positive back into performance reviews.

Start Positive

The first few months are an exciting time in many employees’ lives. Everyone on your team should be excited to welcome a new member to the team and add to the family. Throughout the onboarding process, there are smiles all around.

Once they fall into a rhythm and start to understand their roles more completely, getting caught up in the day-to-day is not unreasonable. By using performance reviews as a time to reenergize your employees, you are giving feedback and also pushing your employees to the next level. The onboarding process is very positive, so why not keep the review process the same? Your veteran employees might drone until they realize the new style of performance reviews, but office morale is about to transform.

Stay Positive

Your veteran employees might get nervous around performance review times because they know your old performance review style. However, once you start using employee performance review phrases, your employees will be excited about their performance reviews. Instead of a time to sit and listen to criticism and emphasis of inadequacies, your performance reviews will turn into a motivational time for your employees.

By staying positive with performance reviews, your employees will leave excited to conquer the next quarter instead of dejected or disappointed. Of course, performance reviews should still be a time to give constructive criticism, it’s all in the phrasing. Instead of saying “You can do better in this area,” you say, “How can I help you in this area?” Your team should feel like a team.

The manager-employee relationship then blurs lines and becomes a mentor-employee relationship. When employees see their manager as a mentor, they will feel more comfortable seeking guidance and advice. By offering open doors to collaboration, your employees will be happy to learn from you.

What are you waiting for? Check out these performance review phrases and take some time to practice them before your next round of reviews.

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