Onboarding Checklist Best Practices

Onboarding should be the most exciting time in your company. It’s like corporate Christmas. Thankfully, it likely happens in your business more than one time a year. Your new employees are eager to start and you’re eager to get them up to speed.

When you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the onboarding process, it’s easy to forget various things. By using an onboarding checklist, you can make sure you didn’t miss a thing and give every new class of employees the full experience. However, onboarding checklists aren’t foolproof, here are our onboarding best practices:

Have fun

If your employees are excited for their new roles to start, shoving them into the room without windows is going to disappoint them. Starting out on the right foot can increase employee retention and morale of veteran employees.

Onboarding is the start of establishing a company culture. Training shows your company’s true colors. Your employees that are left alone to read through a giant manual from 1980 only to emerge upon completion can tell how little you value them.

When you have fun in the onboarding process, your employees will look forward to coming to work every day instead of only smiling after their eighth cup of coffee. At that point, you may be unsure if they are truly smiling or if they just have a caffeine twitch.

Eliminate inconsistency

Without an onboarding checklist, you can easily forget all of the things you had planned. Or, if you write down everything on sticky notes and you lose one, you may be missing out on your best idea and your favorite activity of your onboarding process.

With an onboarding checklist, you eliminate all inconsistency. Granted, it may seem like a very intimidating task to conquer by yourself, but who said you had to do it alone? Pull in a few other managers and plan the onboarding process for future teams.


Most importantly, after you roll out your onboarding checklist practices, ask for feedback. Your employees should feel comfortable upon completion to give you honest feedback or training ideas that could be fun to integrate. Not everything will be perfect upon the first round of using an onboarding checklist, but you shouldn’t cry in your office over criticism. If you need to vent about your employee onboarding, feel free to email us and we’ll see how we can help.

Instead of being sad, you should be excited to conquer the next round of onboarding and improve your process over time. The use of an onboarding checklist, after you perfect it–you will perfect it, we believe in you–will save you so much time. Every new class will be brought onboard better than the previous.

You can even start your employees in the onboarding process before their first day. Start your Lessonly free trial to build some fun, interactive lessons in your new learning management system here.

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