Stopping The Great (Sales) Resignation

Join us for a Q&A-style, candid conversation with the hosts of Thursday Night Sales. Together, we’ll discuss how we can keep our best closers happy and engaged at work.

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What you’ll learn:

Why salespeople resign

Amy, Scott, and Derek specialize in candor. Expect some unfiltered, honest thoughts on what makes your sales team stay and what makes them leave.

How to keep your stars

Making it so the grass isn’t greener on the other side (a.k.a. at that other job) for your top reps isn’t rocket science. We’ll share some advice on how to keep them.

What quality coaching can do

Sales coaching—but not the stuffy, formal kind—is how we’ll fix our industry’s attrition problem. Together, we can roll up our sleeves and roll out better coaching.

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About this Webinar

Ready for a candid conversation about keeping your best reps? Do you want to laugh a lot and shape the future of sales at your org? If so, this casual fireside chat hosted by Derek Harvey with the hosts of Thursday Night Sales—Amy Volas and Scott Leese—will be right up your alley. Come ready to make The Great Resignation put in its two week’s notice. (Note: This session will be recorded.)

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Amy Volas

Amy Volas
| Founder & CEO of Avenue Talent Partners

With more than $100MM in revenue sold, a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice, Co-Founder of Thursday Night Sales, and one of Sales Hacker's Most Dynamic Women In Sales, Amy Volas is a sales fanatic turned entrepreneur (3X). She was bitten by the startup bug many moons ago and couldn't imagine spending her time anywhere else. She created Avenue Talent Partners to help with the tremendous task of growing startups through some of their most valuable assets—revenue leaders. When she’s not working, she’s spending time with her cat, shopping, traveling, and with her husband—in that order (jokes).

Scott Leese

Scott Leese
| Founder & CEO of Scott Leese Consulting Inc.

Scott Leese is a 6x sales leader, 3x founder, 3x author, sales consultant, strategic advisor, and an angel investor who left San Francisco ahead of the curve and ended up in Austin.

Derek Harvey

Derek Harvey
| Sales Development Manager at Lessonly by Seismic

A pastry chef turned SaaS Sales enthusiast, Derek supports a team of SDRs as a Sales Development Manager at Lessonly by Seismic. He finds great pride in helping to form the next generation of Sales, Marketing, and Support leaders (SDRs, do it right and the world is your oyster!). With a background in full-cycle sales and Sales Training and Enablement, Derek is passionate about helping sales professionals and sales orgs be the best they can be.