The Next Wave of Enablement Is Here: Seismic + Lessonly

Join Lessonly's CEO and VP of Product, along with Seismic's CEO for a conversation and Q&A session about our recent acquisition and partnership.

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What you’ll learn:

Who is Seismic

Seismic and Lessonly have been partners for years, but what does Seismic do and why was now a good time to take our partnership and integration to the next level?

Where we're going

Like we mentioned above, the next wave of enablement for customer-facing teams is here. Together, Doug, Max, and Kristina will talk about our future.

What you can expect

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. This session will include a Q&A session where the founders will address the things on your mind as a Lessonly customer.

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About this Webinar

Calling all Lessonly customers! Let’s take an hour and talk about why Seismic, the global sales enablement leader, recently acquired Lessonly. Together, we’ll spark the next wave of enablement, but what will that look like? Join Lessonly’s CEO, VP of Product, and Seismic’s CEO — Max, Kristina, and Doug — for a conversation and Q&A about this partnership. Submit your questions here!

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Max Yoder

Max Yoder

Max Yoder is husband to Jess, dad to Marni, CEO and co-founder to Lessonly, and author of two books: Do Better Work and To See It, Be It. He lives in Indianapolis, where he enjoys walking, talking, napping, reading, and writing.

Kristina Simkins

Kristina Simkins
| VP of Product

Kristina serves the Lessonly product team - supporting product management, design, research, and data efforts and guiding product strategy. For more than 10 years, Kristina has focused on building and coaching successful product teams to solve complex user needs and deliver powerful solutions. Prior to joining the Lessonly team, Kristina was a Lessonly customer and power-user driving product training for sales and customer support teams via Lessonly.