Get the Party Started with a New Employee Checklist

“Let’s get it started in heeeeereeee,” – Fergie. That quote has likely inspired a lot of parties. You can truly feel Fergie’s excitement to get it started in her voice. We like to imagine that the Black Eyed Peas went through their party with a checklist before guests arrived fashionably late. So, we recommend that to get your welcoming party ready, you use a new employee checklist.

As a new employee nothing is more disappointing than walking through the door only to see that the company is still setting things up or is unsure what the next step of the day is. I’m not saying memorize everything that your new employees are going to do for the next year, and I’m not saying you have to set up an extravagant exhibit or your employees will walk out. What I’m saying is, be prepared. Here are three tips to help prepare your welcoming party:

Have a greeter

When your new employees walk through the door, have an employee there to greet them and get them out of the front room. If your new employees walk around the front lobby like a herd of lost cattle, your company may appear disorganized. Here is one of my basic ideas for an awesome welcoming sequence:

The first thing your new employee walks through the door. Bam. Right there, some of those New Year’s Eve poppers and horns. Also, play some T-Pain in the background. “Welcome to [insert company name here]! My name is [insert name], congratulations on joining us and I can’t wait to get started. We’re having everyone sign in just down the hall.” Very simple welcoming package and makes your employees feel like work is a party.

Have a check-in

You likely gave them paperwork to fill out before their first day. If they didn’t make it rain in initial excitement at the greeting, now is the time to turn it in. Give them a nametag to make it easier on your new class if you are hiring in bulk, and offer them some doughnuts and coffee. After all of this excitement, your new employees are likely going to mingle with each other even before the ice-breakers.

Have a plan

Keep the excitement going. They can’t mingle forever. With a new employee checklist, you have a list of things to go through. Have a few activities after they settle in and then take them on a tour or have your first-day presentation. A new employee checklist may not sound like the best way to host an event. It’s a lame couple of words, but what is even more lame is having no idea what to do with your new employees.

Establish your new employee checklist and start the party that is their new long-lasting career off right.

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