Mobile Training Solutions for the Future – A Look Ahead with Anthony Onesto

Mobile technology has made it possible for disruptions across many industries, training being one. Learn about a few interesting ideas Anthony Onesto has about training in the future as he discusses them with Lessonly’s Conner Burt in this conversation.


Maybe shifting gears slightly – when we chatted, you talk a little bit about how mobile devices are changing the delivery of training potentially or just the way newer, younger folks want to interact. Maybe talk a little bit about how mobile changes the way we think about training in an organization.


Sure, yeah and by the way even the older folks like me want mobile. It’s really, it’s democratizing training, right? So, years ago the way training was this brick wall of training that you have to climb over and it’s almost like a speakeasy, where you have to have a password and then you can get into training. Where I think mobile devices, particularly the iPad and the cellphone have really democratize training.

I think it’s making it readily available to whomever needs it at the time they need it and to me that’s really powerful stuff. We see a content marketing, where a lot of companies are starting to develop mobile-first strategies verses web, so I think it really opens up a lot of opportunity to deliver training on mobile devices.

Video has become easier to deliver over wireless, not only wifi, but even wireless cell carriers. So, training – you can literally give anyone content at any point, it’s just relevant. I think relevant and relevancy and timing are very important in these things so, how you push that training to your staff members. I think it’s very arbitrary right now – a manager goes in and says: “okay, Anthony Onesto has some skills gaps, he needs to write better – he needs a business writing course.”

So, let’s say he/she decides that I need that training class and pushes out that training class to a mobile device and I get an alert on my mobile device and it says, “your boss has just suggested that you take this training course.” Well, at that moment, it’s not really relevant. I may be out on a weekend at a basketball game for my daughter, or I’m at a client, or I’m in the middle of a meeting. When is that relevant? We need to figure out how to get better at timing that, but I think mobile devices will absolutely open up ways that you and I probably are not even aware of in the next couple months.

Proximity to other thought leaders – that’s another interesting concept that we’ve been talking about in developing a lot of these kinds of applications for HR. So, if I’m next to someone within my organization, someone that’s a really good storyteller, literally next to them in a meeting or getting coffee, you get an alert saying, “hey, you have a great storyteller right next to you, why don’t you talk to them?” It creates connections in companies that maybe didn’t exist before. Where what you’re talking about is baseline: how do we deliver content? What I’m talking about is really an ecosystem based on mobile device proximities and all sorts of stuff. It’s wild how in the next year or so how all this stuff develops out.

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