Nix the Narrator

In corporate L&D, our learners are adults who can read for themselves, and they do it a heck of a lot faster than a narrator talks. Nothing squashes my interest in a subject more thoroughly than having the material spoon-fed to me by a slow speaker who apparently thinks I’m dense. In my sacrilegious opinion, the best use for a narrator is to talk about a graphic that isn’t already self-explanatory, not to deliver information that could be more concisely and quickly delivered through text. Here’s some research to support this.

A friendly reminder from the ever-sharp Cathy Moore.

We are often asked why voiceovers aren’t a core component of Lessonly’s authoring tool, to which we always respond, “Because you wouldn’t want them to be if you were on the other end of the training.”

Let the learner read. Your lessons will be easier to keep updated, and everyone will thank you for treating them like adults. Sounds like a win-win to me.

The excerpt above is courtesy of Cathy Moore’s post, 5 Quick Ways to Pull Learners into a Course.

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