Getting Personal with Performance Review Phrases

When couples are in love, they are able to give specific reasons for why they love the person. Imagine going to a wedding and hearing the groom say I love my fiance because they are great, good, and kind. It would probably seem awkward and impersonal. The other person would probably be wondering why they are marrying this person if those simple words are all they think about them.

Well, the same goes for performance review phrases. You don’t even have to marry your employees to provide great performance review phrases. If management uses non-descriptive and general words like that to describe their employee’s work, the employee is probably going to see the words as meaningless.

Effective and descriptive phrases are key to employees feeling valued during their performance review. Show your employee that you care for them by providing them with effective and encouraging feedback. Don’t use generic phrases, but give your words meaning.

Instead “good job having integrity” when you could say your employee:

  • Maintains exemplary standards in every aspect of work
  • Embodies the organization’s values inside and outside company walls
  • Sets the bar for other employees to follow
  • Identifies the most worthy steps and then takes them
  • Is trusted by others to make the right decision when given the choice

Instead of, “I appreciate your hard work,” describe work ethic by saying you…

  • Exceeds expectations day after day
  • Will do everything in their will to make performance the best it can be
  • Nothing distracts him when he pursues what he wants to accomplish
  • Works extra hours to get the job done correctly
  • Can always be counted on to do their share of the work

Who wants to hear good organization when you can say your employee…

  • Successfully prioritizes work on level of importance
  • Keeps on task and knows what needs accomplished
  • Brings organization to the team
  • Plans excellent events where every detail is executed

Do not say your employee is a team player when you can instead say your employee…

  • cooperates and communicates with teammates to get the job done
  • encourages and uplifts others with motivational words
  • seeks to ask others for their opinion and get all members involved
  • builds relationships with teammates and brings energy to the group

Here are a few examples, but getting to know what your employees do is the best way to encourage them. Providing specific examples will encourage good behavior being reciprocated. Show your employees that you love them by giving them the best performance review process possible.

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