Holistic Performance Evaluation Phrases

When you think of holistic medicine, you may think of your neighbor that has a towering garden and constantly burning incense. Holistic by definition means treatment of the whole person including mental and social. By offering holistic performance evaluation phrases, your employees will be more active and more positive in their role. How? Here are three ways your employees will improve with positive, holistic performance evaluation phrases:


Instead of the old-fashioned way of performance evaluations, a new style of performance reviews is emerging. Reviews that are more positive and more mentor-based offer a greater sense of collaboration in the office. As a manager, you shouldn’t hesitate to open your door to your employees and encourage them to ask questions. You should also encourage them to ask questions to each other. When employees help each other answer questions on a daily basis, it increases the bond that employees share.


When employees are evaluated in a positive light, they will do the same for others. They want to leave the company better than when they got there because they are likely to leave a better professional if or when they leave the company.

Giving feedback and motivation that lifts up employees instead of reprimanding them for not meeting goals, they want to do the same thing to other people. Similar to collaboration, they will help members of their team to improve as a whole and individual.


A positive atmosphere can spread like wildfire in the office. Remember what Smokey the bear told us, “Only you can prevent wildfires.” In this case, you want to start wildfires. This might be a bad metaphor but just bear with me.

Keeping things positive while giving your employees performance reviews leaves them smiling instead of feeling dejected. Instead of asking them to improve their performance single-handedly, you ensure them that everyone on the team is there to help the team reach its goals. When people are a member of a team, it’s easier to stay positive. Also, when they see a member of a team struggling, there is always an accountability aspect between members.

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