3 Ways Online HR Software Can Improve Your Company Culture

When you think of culture, you probably envision smiling employees playing foosball or sitting on plush couches, laptops open and cradling their mugs of free cappuccinos. But what could those happy employees have to do with HR software?

It’s probably more than you think. HR software isn’t just something that benefits HR leaders, although it definitely does that! HR software can also touch every employee at your company. In fact, giving your people the chance to be more hands-on with the HR software can support the type of culture you’re trying to cultivate.

Here are three culture types that HR software supports:

Culture of trust

If you’d like to cultivate a culture of trust, you need to trust your people and, likewise, your people need to trust each other. Every person at your company was hired to do a specific job and they need enough space to do it well. Think about why we all hate the micromanaging boss. No one likes to feel that they’re not trusted to do the work they were hired to do!

In an Inc article entitled, “How to Build a Corporate Culture of Trust,” Lou Dubois said, “The need to build and cultivate solid relationships is vital not only for success, but also survival. Solid relationships are built up over time by gaining trust.”

So what does HR software have to do with trust? For one thing, you can show your people that you trust them enough to let them have access to information. There’s no reason to be afraid of letting your people see their own information, right? If they need to know how many paid vacation days they’ve accrued to know if they can take that vacation to the Cayman Islands, let them check for themselves instead of knocking on HR’s door. If employees move or get a new phone number and need to update contact information, why not let them enter it into the system?

When you let your people have access to this information and other appropriate information, you’re trusting your people and enabling them to do things for themselves. While you’re at it, you might as well let them do all this stuff (and more) from their own mobile phones, as most HR software providers offer a mobile app so they can request the time off for that island vacation from their travel agent’s office.

Culture of great communication

Communication could be the hands-down most important factor when establishing a company culture. If your people can’t communicate effectively with one another, then it’s difficult for anything productive to get done.

“We can’t guess what’s important to employees. We have to give them ways to communicate with us,” said Paul Spiegelman, founder of Beryl, a call-center business in Dallas in another Inc article.

One way you can give your people the ability to communicate easily with one another across states and seas is by keeping all their employee data in one database, which is what HR software or employee management software does. Your people all over the world can easily receive company announcements and even educational information, such as training videos and the like, that need to be shared globally.

Another great way to open up communication is to send out an announcement when a new employee comes onboard or does something worth sharing with the entire company. This is a simple way to introduce an individual to the team and provide that contact information right away to get people talking. Our employee announcement templates is a resource that shows what these messages can look like. It’s an easy resource for you to simply plug in the information and apply it to your team.

Because HR software streamlines PTO, the process of requesting time off (and getting it approved) is so much faster than it used to be. An employee who needs to take a day off can easily leave a note when sending that PTO request, letting a manager or HR know why the day off is needed. Of course, because the process is so quick, your people can know right away if that request is approved or denied—and why. No more waiting around or wondering why.

Culture of appreciation

One of the best things about using HR software is how easily it can adapt to your company’s needs—and culture. If part of your company culture is making sure your people know each other to better work with one another, you can customize HR software to help.

RedBalloon, an online gift retailer based in Australia who sells experiences instead of gifts, uses appreciation and recognition as one way they set their culture apart. Because every employee likes to receive recognition in a different way, they used HR software to share information about themselves.

Megan Bromley, Head of Employe Experience, used HR software to create a “favourites” page to find out how each employee likes to be recognized—in public or in private—as well as to tell about their other favorites, like books, movies and candy. That way, leaders and other employees can be sure to “appreciate” their people in the right way.

Red Balloon favorites

These are just several ways HR software can help improve your company’s culture, but the opportunities are endless! HR software is so customizable that every company can tailor it to include things that they find most important. So no matter the type of culture you’re trying to implement, your HR software can support that. And since it’s so easily adaptable, you know it will always grow and change with your company.

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