The Benefits of Employee Onboarding Software

Imagine a world where your new hires can quickly and easily learn about your company’s history, culture, products, and services from the comfort of a computer or tablet. With Lessonly, that world is within reach.

Here are a few benefits of using Lessonly as an employee onboarding software.

Maximize Face Time

Make your one-on-one interactions with new employees more impactful. By transferring your company’s fundamental information via Lessonly, you can spend more time having meaningful discussions with your new employees and less time reciting answers to frequently asked questions.

Save Money, Minimize Risk

Reduce time-to-productivity for new employees, while simultaneously mitigating your company’s training-investment risk.

Be Impressive

Make a great impression on your new employees with Lessonly’s easy-to-use interface and elegant design. When you build and distribute your educational materials with Lessonly, you’re sending a clear message to your new hire: We know what we’re doing, and we can’t wait for you to get up-to-speed to help us achieve our goals.

Get Better Insight

Stop crossing your fingers, hoping your new employees will read your employee handbook or review your compliance policies. With Lessonly’s tracking and reporting tools, you will have a clear picture of how your employees are engaging with and comprehending your learning materials.

Stay Compliant

Make regulatory compliance a breeze. Our timestamped records make it easy to see which employees are aware of relevant codes, laws, and regulations, and which are not—giving you the upper-hand if and when a lawsuit arises.

For more information on the benefits of Employee Onboarding with Lessonly, including a case study, take a tour here.

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