Training Metrics: Know Your Impact

Part 1 of a 3-part sales readiness webinar series. Learn some of the top ways our experts look at training metric data to ensure their programs are moving forward, fast.

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What you’ll learn:

Why measure training?

Learn the crucial reasons behind why our experts measure training at all.

Utilizing the Kirkpatrick model

Explore how to tactically use the Kirkpatrick model to provide clarity and train your team to success.

Levels of measure

Discuss strategic examples and tools within the different levels of measure to ensure your programs are moving forward.

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About this series

Sales teams move fast, and your sales readiness approach should too. When it comes to measuring the right metrics for sales readiness, it's crucial to track the correct indicators so you can coach your teams to success, fast. Join industry leaders for a 3-part webinar series where we will tackle all things enablement metrics. We'll discuss ways to measure your learning effectiveness, uncover what KPIs successful sales teams drive toward, and how to tactically combine this data for lasting revenue impact. In part 1, Training Metrics: Know Your Impact, we learned some of the top ways our experts look at training metric data to ensure their programs are moving forward, fast.

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Series Host: Meganne Brezina

Series Host: Meganne Brezina
| Director of Enterprise Enablement at Lessonly

An active member in the sales enablement community, Meganne comes to Lessonly with a background in education, outside sales, and SaaS enablement. Her career has taken her to ten different cities around the world in various capacities, all contributing to her perspective on Enablement in today’s environment. Meganne is currently based in Indianapolis and is responsible for ensuring that Lessonly’s enterprise sellers have the tools and resources they need to be successful. Outside of work, you can find her taking walks with her two kids, puttering in the yard, strategizing next steps with her husband’s small business, or at the barn getting ready to ride her showjumper.

Nina LaRouche

Nina LaRouche
| Director, Sales Enablement at Salesforce

Nina LaRouche has a deep passion for creating engaging and interactive learning experiences that create measurable business impact. She currently supports sellers in the Education and Nonprofit industry to empower them with the knowledge, skills, and tools to drive increased productivity. Nina began her career as an educator then spent over 15 years in B2B and B2C sales before becoming a sales enablement practitioner in 2014. Nina has built and rebuilt onboarding programs, planned and executed highly successful enablement events, and brings a wealth of experience in areas of consultative selling, sales productivity, and program/learning design. On a personal note, Nina lives in Indianapolis with her husband and three teenage children.

April Terry

April Terry
| Learning and Enablement Manager at Planview

April Terry is an educator at heart and is passionate about learning for all ages. She traded classroom crayons for spreadsheets and has been working in Learning and Enablement for three years. In that time, she’s supported sales and customer success by creating scalable onboarding and creatively leveraging technology for continuous enablement and content management. You’ll find her checking something off her yearly bucket list when she’s not working - this year is trying 20 New Things in 2020.