How Could a Customer Service Team Benefit From Sales Training Software?

How could a customer service team benefit from sales training software? Sales training software allows reps to engage with self-guided learning, practice, role play, quality assurance, and more, all of which are beneficial skills to hone for customer service teams, too. But don’t take it from us—take it from Nick!

I’ve been working in sales for a little over two years now, but in college, I held mostly customer service roles. I waited tables at multiple restaurants and also served as a customer service representative at Planet Fitness. As I reflect on my time in these various roles, I see a ton of similarities between my time in customer service and in sales. Handling escalated customer situations and working through objections from prospects have a lot more in common than I would’ve originally thought, and I fully believe that customer service teams can find a lot of value in a sales training curriculum. 

What have I learned from the sales training programs I’ve experienced? 

Having worked in the training and enablement industry, I have noticed an emerging trend in the world of customer service that parallels what the best sales training programs have followed for years, and that’s this—the top sales training programs all focus on continuous improvement, and customer service teams are starting to take notice. By implementing quality assurance teams & customer service enablement leaders, many customer service teams are following in the footsteps of what sales organizations have pioneered.

Companies with the best sales training programs utilize self-guided learning, practice specific skills and scenarios, leverage role-play, shadow more senior sales reps, and go through quality assurance to improve. Then, they scale these sales training ideas through sales training modules inside online sales training programs. 

Customer service teams can utilize these types of sales training techniques to model companies with the best training programs. 

Here’s how: 

1. Self-Guided Training

Self-guided training is a great way to help your team learn the information they need that will help them thrive. Let your team go through training at their own pace. People digest information in different ways, and letting agents absorb new information in their own way and on their own time will help them do Better Work

2. Practice 

“Practice makes perfect.” There’s a reason why this is such a popular phrase. Athletes, public speakers, and rockstars reach their heights because they value practice. Sales and customer service teams should be no different! People that want to get good at something invest time in it to get better, and there are multiple ways to do this. 

Whether it’s rehearsing in your head, asking for feedback from colleagues, or scaling practice through training software, practice makes progress. Shameless plug, teams can do this really well through Lessonly’s Practice tool! Are there situations that you and your customer service team frequently run into? Try creating a practice scenario, have your team record how they would respond, and provide feedback inside Lessonly! 

3. Roleplay

Do your customer’s keep running into the same problems? If you work at a place with coworkers that are happy to help you improve, ask a colleague to help rehearse a scenario that you run into. Not only is this a great way to connect with your team and make friends, it will help you improve, and show that you truly care about getting better and being the best you can be at your job. 

4. Shadowing 

Sitting next to a senior coworker and hearing how they respond to specific interactions is a fantastic way to learn what exceptional work looks like. To do great work, you need to understand how high-performing teammates approach the role. They will use specific phrases, resolve issues in different ways, and perform completely different than you might. Observe, learn, and implement what successful people are doing! 

5. Quality Assurance

Quality assurance, although a vulnerable experience, is vital to the learning process. Hearing yourself on a call or having someone evaluate a customer interaction and provide feedback can make a huge impact on your performance. I’ve had my team listen to call recordings, and sometimes it is painful to hear, but gathering their thoughts on how I could have navigated conversations was extremely valuable. This is an area that most customer service teams are doing really well, and based on this little quiz about our company values, I like to highlight what’s working.

6. Automation

Automation is part of the best sales training programs because it allows salespeople to spend time maximizing their human, more personalized interactions. As the customer service enablement industry continues to evolve, these sales tactics will become paramount to keeping customers happy. If you’re interested in learning more about how to automate in these areas, you should check out Lessonly! Our sales training software is built for customer-facing teams to scale self-guided learning and practice. Lessonly helps teams understand what good work looks like so they can perform like never before.

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