The Future of Customer Service Is Bright: Why Customer Service Enablement Is Game-Changing

Here’s the deal: If you’re contacting customer support, things probably aren’t going your way. You’ve got some sort of problem, and you’re on the hunt for a friendly human with a helpful solution.

Case in point, do any of these situations resonate with your customer service experiences?

  • You locked yourself out of your bank account with too many failed password attempts, so you call the support line to confirm your identity and get back in. 
  • You received the wrong color rug from an online retailer, so you email their help desk to figure out where to send back the old one and how to get the correct one.
  • You’re at work, and a piece of software in your tech stack isn’t functioning how you need it to, so you chat with a rep to see if you’re missing something.

These types of customer service experiences are all common. And if you’re like me, I’m sure you have examples of good customer service situations and some bad ones that have felt tedious or frustrating. But, here’s what I’ve learned by watching customer service teams train with Lessonly—support teams have the ability to be consistently remarkable. For real. 

Those who work in contact centers, help desks, and profit centers have the opportunity to be experts who provide context, clarity, and connection to customers with every interaction. Technology has equipped support teams to provide exceptional service across multiple channels. But, we’re still missing the mark. Why? Because not all support reps haven’t been enabled to be exceptional.

Customer service can be so much better. And by better, we mean more efficient and comprehensive. More personalized, streamlined, and proactive. Contacting customer support could be something people look forward to instead of dread. So, what’s the solution? We’re betting on customer service enablement (CSE). 

In the same way sales enablement has created teams that are empowered to do their jobs, win deals, and hit quota, customer service enablement is a big blue ocean for support leaders to jump into with both feet. It goes beyond creating a customer service training manual or binder of customer service tips, too. It takes leadership, buy-in, and grit to get a CSE program off the ground, but it’s more than worth the effort.

Here are two reasons why honing the customer service skills of your reps will drive customer engagement, boost CSAT, and create an affinity for customer service.

1. Customer service enablement makes rep performance skyrocket.

Recently, my teammate Rachel wrote a blog post for Zendesk Relate, where she highlighted the correlation between rep engagement and performance. According to Gallup, she notes, teams with high levels of enablement see a 10% increase in customer ratings and 20% increase in renewal rates and sales. Not to mention the radical increases in productivity and caliber of service provided and the decrease in turnover and operational costs. Long story short, teams perform better and wow more customers when they’re given the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to be fully enabled and successful.

2. Customer service enablement fosters brand loyalty in customers.

Think of brands known for the ways they love their customers and carry out effective customer service. Disney. Trader Joe’s. The Mayo Clinic. Apple. Southwest. USAA. These are organizations that invest heavily in customer service training exercises to ensure that every rep feels enabled to support customers well. And this should come as no surprise to you, but modern teams move fast. There aren’t enough hours in the day to pull top performing agents off the floor to train new hires or to have everyone attend workshops and seminars.

There’s a big need for simple, accessible, bite-sized training that reps can use for onboarding and continuous development. They need quick lessons filled with the best customer service examples. Training for customer service teams should be constantly accessible and available to them and perfectly integrated into their day-to-day operations. Training and practice won’t make perfect, but they are the perfect combination to  make progress.

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