3 Benefits Thoughtful Training Methods Bring to Customer Service Teams

Customer service roles are rarely systematic or simple. Why? Because people aren’t systematic or simple, and CS professionals are in the business of supporting people. 

Rarely does anyone reach out to customer support if they’re not confused, stuck, or upset. If you’re a customer service agent, you’re on the frontlines of your business, and you see people at their best and their worst. You’re the first line of defense. As a gatekeeper of sorts, you have the privilege and responsibility to shape the perception of your company, resolve each customer’s issue, and hone your communication and problem-solving skills ? every ? single ? day. Your job is far from easy, but your performance is essential for companies to thrive.

The more I learn about customer service, the more I’m convinced that enabling agents for success and investing in quality training methods for employees in customer service is time well spent. Here are three of the benefits I’ve observed in customer service teams that take their training methods seriously and invest in the development of their customer service reps:

1. Consistency

Like any job, there will be elements of learning that feel more like an on-the-job training process than a hyper-organized, mapped out training approach. However, much like chain restaurants strive to offer the same quality of food at all of their locations so customers always know what they’re getting, customer service agents strive for consistent, exceptional interactions with every customer. And making that happen isn’t easy, but it gets a whole lot simpler when agents have access to a consistent, uniform training in an LMS.

Training shouldn’t stop with cookie-cutter onboarding. Managers and top-performers should also train their customer service reps in-person to help build relationships and establish mutual trust and respect. But when every agent is working from the same base training methodology that they learned from lessons in an LMS? The whole team has all the right tools in their toolbelt that they need to succeed, rather than having to learn on the job through a hundred different training delivery methods. There’s value in consistency, but there’s also value in creativity.

2. Innovation

Innovating customer service requires constant iteration to come up with more efficient, comprehensive ways to support customers. First, there’s some heavy lifting to get product information and knowledge into an LMS. Then, it’s up to agents to identify how to best customize the support experience they’re providing to the person in front of them, which is no small feat.

What does this have to do with methods of training and development? Everything. If consistency makes customer service teams good at what they do, innovation makes teams great. Nothing is more empowering to frontline reps than allowing them the freedom to try new things that’ll help them do their jobs better. Shameless plug, our Practice tool offers a safe place for customer service reps to test new tactics, like more conversational tones or more efficient response rates, before it’s really showtime. We’ve watched our customers improve NPS and CSAT and cut ramp time in half with Practice in Lessonly.

3. Retention

The third way these training delivery methods benefit customer service teams is retention. Turnover is a major pain point for customer service managers, but at Lessonly we’re watching 2 million learners feel empowered to do their jobs better. This not only boosts morale but also incentivizes agents to stay. People stay where they feel supported and invested in, and by adding a modern approach to traditional training methods in an LMS specifically, people also feel valued. When agents feel supported, they can support their customers better than before. That’s the goal of customer service enablement. 

Consistency, innovation, and retention for customer service teams start with thoughtful training methods and also with determined leaders like you who are ready to take agent performance, CSAT, and NPS to the next level.

Could Lessonly be your training solution?

We sure think so. With Lessonly’s powerfully simple training software, customer service teams train, practice, and perform like pros because they’re continuously equipped with the tools they need to do better work. Click here for a quick look at what we do. 

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