“Get to” vs. “Have to”— Leveraging Lessonly’s Customer Service Training Software For Exceptional Customer Experiences

We’ve all been there—you have an issue with a product or service, and you have to call a customer service line. *sigh*

I don’t know about you, but I typically dread making these calls. When I dial, I hope and pray I’ll be able to get my problem resolved kindly and quickly. Occasionally it happens, but too often, we’re left confused or with next steps that couldn’t be handled all at once. We’re far from a world where people feel like it’s a treat to talk to customer service, but I think we’re moving in that direction.

Here’s what I’ve learned as someone in the business of customer service and support—when customer interactions go poorly, customers don’t feel cared for. But when they go well, they develop all sorts of brand loyalty because quality service is refreshing. The difference between great and lackluster service? Quality customer service training

What I Get To Do Each Day

As a member of the Lessonly Services team, I have the daily privilege of helping companies craft the best customer service training programs in their industries. Our method is simple. Take the program owner’s customer service training ideas, expertise, and collateral-items (think customer service training videos, a customer service training ppt, or a customer service policy manual), and help them turn that knowledge into beautiful, simple, powerful lessons.

When I work with Lessonly customers, we often begin with a basic customer service training program outline and then work backwards. Together we strategize how to break up relevant training material into individual lessons and present all of the information in an order that makes sense to ensure a smooth learner experience. As for the content of these lessons, what I emphasize to customers is that across all types of customer service training, two strategies are key—highlight what works well and give reps a chance to practice. When teams build their training with those two goals in mind, lessons become essential, effective, and enjoyable.

What This Looks Like In Action

One of my customers employs these strategies seamlessly in her customer service rep onboarding. During the first week of new rep training, instructor-led sessions are now supplemented by Lessonly lessons that present the most basic, need-to-know elements of the role. And then she equips her new hires to practice what they learn. So these lessons include key concepts, sample scenarios, and example scripts to respond to customer needs, and then training is taken to the next level when learners are given real examples the customer service team has handled in the past, and then compose or record how they’d respond to that customer. Trainers and managers can then grade these answers, provide targeted feedback, and direct learners to additional lessons or resources as needed. 

New reps walk away with more than just a customer service manual doc; they’ve had a chance to engage with the information in multiple mediums, see examples of situations they might encounter, practice responses in a low-risk environment, and receive valuable coaching. And thankfully, once the new hire training period is complete, these lessons are all still readily available and easily searchable for reps whenever they need them. In my experience, the results have spoken for themselves in terms of saved time and money in the onboarding process. 

More Than Onboarding

Onboarding is just the beginning of training, though. After onboarding, Lessonly customers map out ongoing training for their reps by building advanced lessons on more technical topics and by creating resources to help navigate career paths internally. Our goal at all times is to craft the best customer service training in the business to make sure reps are empowered to do great work and provide great experiences for customers. Imagine a world where every touchpoint with a customer led to them becoming an even more avid fan of your company and brand. 

Lessonly is more than just customer service training software; it’s a vehicle for instilling your company values, boosting rep confidence, and ensuring consistency across the organization. I can’t wait to see a future where customers feel like they get to talk to a customer service rep instead of have to because they know they’ll be helped by someone who’s ready to handle whatever comes their way. And it all starts with great training.

Think your team needs Lessonly? We think so, too.

Building a world-class customer service team takes both learning and practice, and Lessonly helps teams do both. Click here to get a quick look at what we do, or if you’re not sure about us yet, here are 5 things you should know about Lessonly!

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