Why Every Team Needs Practice in Their Training Methods

I’m a former teacher, and because of that, I’m the biggest fan of continuous training. Learning for the sake of growing my knowledge base matters so much because the more I know, the more I can help others Do Better Work. There are so many methods of training and development, but in this day and age, I see the most value, opportunity, and progress in technology-based training methods. 

Why This Matters

With technology, folks can partake in effective training methods at their own pace. For example, if a customer service rep wants to learn something brand new, she could sign up for online training and courses and learn how to code or paint or study a different culture. Similarly, a stay-at-home mom or dad also can use an online learning platform to level up their skills when it’s convenient for them. Technology is likely to play an even larger role in our future and the more we’re all familiar with it, the better off we’ll be.

Practice In Action

In my experience, the most effective training methods always emphasize practice. There are various types of training methods, but regardless of what type of training you’re going through—online, in-person, onboarding—practice is essential in solidifying whatever it is you’re trying to learn. If training isn’t paired with practice, learners can’t retain their training as effectively. Even if we have all the knowledge in the world from countless hours of training, we won’t be able to actively use what we’ve learned or put it into practice without, well, practice.

Practice is particularly useful if it’s used as one of many training techniques in the workplace. You can’t expect your employees to nail that sales pitch or respond perfectly to a customer complaint if they aren’t practicing those scenarios. Practice can look like a role play with a co-worker or recording a sales pitch multiple times and each time asking a co-worker for feedback on what went well and how to do better. Practice could also look like simulating a tough customer situation with a manager or peer.

Old School Training Methods

When I think of traditional training methods, I think of high school and college. I remember reading 500 page textbooks and knowing everything there was to know about a topic, at least on the surface. This is the norm in learning, and while I feel like it might be a great approach for traditional education, it’s the best way to be successful in the real world. Practice is essential—it boosts memory retention and overall engagement, and these things create lasting change. I believe if anyone has the passion, dedication, and work ethic to learn a new skill, practice it, and continuously learn more about it, they can make it happen. Modern training methods help with this, specifically ones with practice at the heart of them. Practicing should be an element of all on the job training methods—sales and customer service reps should frequently practice their calls and chat conversations and ask for feedback from their peers and managers. This is only possible with great online training software.

Long Story Short

Training is essential to an employee’s success at work and at home. And the individual contributions of each employee add to the overall success of a business. Regardless of what flavor of training method appeals to you, I highly encourage you to consider incorporating an aspect of practice into your training to make it even more effective than it already is and to help your company as a whole Do Better Work.

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