Build Customer Service Agent Confidence with Training Tracking Software

This three-part series explores how customer service teams can use—and benefit from—training tracking software. First, we took a look at why training tracking software helps teams boost NPS. Then, we explored the impact of training on customer satisfaction. Finally, we’ll share ways your team can boost rep confidence. Let’s dive in!

Use Real-World Situations Through an Online Training Tracker

Simulations in employee training management software are often used to build real-world processes in a safe environment. When these processes are controlled using tracking software, they put employee skills to the test. These simulations are an opportunity for representatives to work on their skills without fearing negative consequences. Then, employees can learn from their mistakes in these simulations. This helps representatives learn what to do and what not to do which leads to improved confidence.

Branching scenarios in online employee training and development can also be controlled with training tracking software. This helps customer service teams teach representatives about the outcomes of their actions. When employees are unsure of the outcomes of their actions, they tend to doubt themselves, which is harmful to their confidence. Using branching scenarios, employees can learn what might happen with their various actions without having any real-world repercussions. For example, representatives can practice an online chat scenario that delivers responses based on specific prompts.

Build Supportive Environments with Training Tracking Software

Computer-based training development software can also build confidence by creating a mentorship program through the online course. In this format, more experienced employees are paired up with new employees or those who need help with certain skills. This type of mentorship is beneficial as it can help everyone acquire new skills. In some situations, it’s simply easier for someone to learn from a peer than it is for someone to learn from a manager. It’s also helpful for seasoned agents as they have the opportunity to grow their leadership skills. When employees see a peer enjoying success, and can learn how to achieve that same level of success, they will likely become more confident. Furthermore, this training tracking software can even be used to moderate what happens in these mentorship programs.

An employee training tracker free can also be used to facilitate online discussions. In a sense, this can be used to build a list of frequently asked questions. With training tracking software, managers can easily gather and review questions that representatives have during training. Then, they can use that information to compile a helpful list of answers or even deliver additional training to address knowledge gaps. When employees realize that others have the same questions—and that there are answers to these questions—they will see that they are not alone. This not only creates a sense of community but it also encourages them to work together to have healthy discussions about their questions.

Empower Employees with an Online Employee Training Platform

Training tracking software is also a great way to equip and empower reps. First, consider using training tracking software to help reps identify their current level of performance and where they strive to be. Training tracking software enables them to set training goals and complete training that helps them improve their performance. We suggest using learning objectives and establishing various completion timelines for ultimate success. 

When employees have the ability to set their own goals, they’re likely to feel more engaged in their role and personal development plans. They can focus on their own strengths and weaknesses while also honing them through training tracking software. This is one of the greatest ways that employees can build their confidence. All of this is possible thanks to training tracking software and the empowerment it provides to employees.

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