The Impact of Training Tracking Software on Satisfaction Rates

This three-part series explores how customer service teams can use—and benefit from—training tracking software. First, we took a look at why training tracking software helps teams boost NPS. Now, we’ll explore the impact of training on customer satisfaction. Finally, we’ll share ways your team can boost rep confidence. Let’s dive in!

Training employees and customer service agents has drastically evolved over the years. People used to complete the training process through in-person training that was delivered by a dedicated instructor. There might have even been a test at the end to ensure that people were paying attention during the lessons. Then, companies may have shifted to Google Docs or even another old-fashioned learning management system. Now, there is robust training tracking software available.

In essence, this software ensures that employees complete the training they’re assigned by tracking employee training progress. Managers can track who completes their assigned lessons and who doesn’t. It also gives teams the ability to gather feedback or quiz employees for comprehension. Ultimately, training tracking software can lead to improved satisfaction. Here are a few ways how. 

Higher Engagement Rates with a Training Tracker

One of the biggest reasons why there is a significant jump in satisfaction with a free LMS system is that it provides improved compliance rates within the system. Oftentimes, companies have employees who simply don’t complete training through their online employee training platform. Some may find training while others simply forget to complete it, but it’s still important to be done. As a result, managers may get frustrated and try to find other ways to get their teammates to finish training through employee training management software. 

A training tracker encourages employees to complete their training as assigned. This can lead to improved compliance rates as more people actually complete the training. With more employees taking advantage of online employee training and development lessons, satisfaction rates are likely to increase. Additionally, employees are likely to be more satisfied because they know about the tasks and assignments they complete on a daily basis. Customers are going to be happier because they are going to interact with trained employees. Finally, managers will also be happy because more employees are completing the computer-based training development software they work so hard to manage.

Improved Employee Comprehension with Tracking Student Progress Software

Another benefit of tracking software is that employees are going to comprehend more of the training lessons. When employees understand more of the training lessons they view, satisfaction goes up. In the past, employees might have attended training sessions or watched videos online. However, one of the major problems is that employees tend to tune out the lesson or fail to fully understand the topic. With a training tracker, employees are likely to pay better attention to the lessons which lead to improved comprehension.

With employee training tracker free software, organizations can also measure the engagement and participation of those who participate in online training courses. Some organizations might even include a test at the end to measure employee comprehension. When employees know that there is tracking software present, they are going to pay closer attention to the training lessons as they unfold. They’ll be more engaged with the material, ensuring they retain more of what they learn. As a result, employee comprehension increases and leads to improved satisfaction across the board.

Better Performance with Improved Training Tracking Programs 

Finally, the biggest benefit of training tracking programs with a corporate training management system is that employees can improve their overall performance. The ultimate goal of training programs is to make sure employees can perform their duties at the highest level. However, one of the most significant issues with training is that many employees either skip training altogether or don’t pay attention when they do. Training tracking programs make both of these issues problems of the past because they improve employee engagement with the training material. 

When employees are more engaged with their lessons, they’ll learn the skills and knowledge they need to improve their performance. This is going to be reflected in the service they provide to customers and lead to higher customer satisfaction rates as well. Trained employees understand the best practices of the industry, their duties within the company, and how to work with those around them in an efficient manner. In the end, training tracker programs yield greater satisfaction rates for managers, employees, and customers alike.

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