Viva Customer Service! 3 Takeaways from ICMI’s CC Demo

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Not when it comes to what we learned at ICMI’s CC Demo.

Instead of leaving customer service success up to the roll of a dice, contact center leaders from across the country met for three days to discuss industry trends, consider upcoming challenges, and learn about the latest technology solutions. Here are just a few of the takeaways that the Lessonly team brought back from the trip.

Accelerate new-hire training

Many contact center leaders are on a mission to train and ramp agents as quickly as possible. While it may be tempting to skimp on new-hire training altogether, studies show that training programs can decrease time to productivity by 50% and increase confidence by as much as 80%.

Knowledge is not something you absorb, knowledge is something you create.
— Dave Meier

So, how can leaders provide new-hire training that’s both quick and effective? From giving new hires the opportunity to build meaningful connections with their peers on day one to ditching the PowerPoint presentations, leaders should look for ways to promote collaboration. Learning and Development Manager Sheri Kendall-duPont noted that “learning in isolation is nonsense.”

Instead, give new agents the opportunity to try things as they learn it. By providing relevant cues and real-life situations, agents will adapt to their environment quicker than training that’s delivered in a classroom.

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Embody, educate, and empower

Perhaps one of the most challenging roles of a contact center leader is figuring out how to inspire, educate, and empower their team members to succeed. This is essential for customer service teams—more than 53% of agents say they could do their jobs better if they had training and 63% said they’d be more engaged if they felt better equipped to do their job. Without training and enablement, contact center agents are unable to provide the best service possible. 

74% of organizations prevent their front lines from providing the best experience.
— Adam Toporek

Instead of enforcing rules and ineffective processes, customer service expert Adam Toporek shared how a leadership framework drives powerful experiences for customer service teams. The 3E Leadership Framework includes:

  • Embody — Exemplify what the entire team should be doing
  • Educate — Provide agents with the knowledge they need
  • Empower — Give agents the freedom, responsibility, and trust to do their jobs

Evolve learning for the modern agent

Unfortunately, many organizations stick with the same antiquated training program that they implemented years ago. The old training model with week-long, classroom-based learning is no longer effective. Expectations have changed, and workers demand fun and meaningful training that is engaging, interactive, purposeful, and accessible.

There’s a tendency from agents, and even leadership, to hoard knowledge. But you can make the organization more successful when knowledge is accessible.
— Marcus Stein

One of the most effective ways to share knowledge—when and where agents need it—is through microlearning. These brief learning activities deliver valuable training content in bite-size chunks. This makes it easy for agents to quickly review materials and receive immediate answers to their questions instead of investing time and effort into researching information. The result is faster and more engaging training that meets the preferences of adult learners.

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