How to Revamp Customer Service Training

Dave is the manager of a large and rapidly growing customer service team. They handle thousands of customer interactions every day through email and chat. His company, which provides hassle-free travel assistance, recently expanded its services to five new cities. Now Dave’s team is working harder than ever to provide customers across the country with exemplary service.

However, Dave is finding it more and more difficult for his team to keep pace with the rapid business changes. He needs a way to quickly train and bring new customer service reps up-to-speed. But, he’s also looking to build an empowered and self-sufficient team through ongoing training opportunities—so they can provide excellent customer service for years to come.

Many customer service managers and supervisors find themselves facing the same challenges as Dave. Forward-thinking service leaders identify how training can help their team keep pace with the speed of business while enabling employees with the knowledge and skills they need to do better work.

Recently, we heard about one Lessonly customer who decided it was time to do just that. Using our software, they enhanced their onboarding and ongoing customer service training to best deliver the crucial information that employees needed to be successful.

Effectively transfer knowledge through online onboarding

Before Lessonly, one of our customers—just like Dave—did all of their employee onboarding in-person. Spending hours every day, multiple days a week, wasn’t working—it was inefficient and inconsistent. The team realized that they were too focused on resources, rather than sharing helpful knowledge, skills, and best practices. This was ineffective, resulted in inconsistent training, and proved difficult to balance with busy schedules.

The team turned to Lessonly to modernize and streamline onboarding training, so they could deliver crucial information while decreasing ramp time for new hires. After intentionally assessing their current onboarding program, the team built a new training program. The new onboarding takes 25% less time to complete and incorporates quizzes and interactive learning to increase retention. The enhanced onboarding has saved the team hours of fruitless in-person meetings, delivered more effective training, and decreased time to productivity.  

Replace ad-hoc training with ongoing learning opportunities

For years, a majority of this company’s customer service training also took place on an ad-hoc basis. While the team had implemented a mentor program to combat the lack of training, they found that mentors were constantly fielding questions from mentee reps. This delay in response prevented customers from quickly receiving correct answers. Also, there was no formal way to record and track what topics reps were asking questions about, which made it impossible to identify team knowledge gaps.

So, customer service leaders replaced their ad-hoc training with continuous learning opportunities through Lessonly. As with many companies, this customer is constantly updating policies and services as they expand to new cities. Our software helps the team quickly create and share training with essential product and services knowledge. In fact, the team deploys up to 40 lessons each month. They also tap into Lessonly’s search feature to ensure that they have training on topics that their employees are looking for.

The best part about equipping their reps with Lessonly’s powerfully simple training software? Reps can access and revisit content whenever and wherever they want. Now, the team sees Lessonly as the go-to resource, instead of their mentor or coworker.

Recommend important information your reps need to do better work—when and where they need it—with Lessonly for Chrome.

Proven training success

The team has already seen an immediate impact from Lessonly—reps get up to speed more efficiently and get the regular training they need to succeed in their jobs. By establishing key metrics and goals, the company measures rep engagement, training satisfaction, and efficiencies gained. And by evaluating learner engagement and receiving feedback on training, our customer is constantly looking for ways to improve team training and do better work—and we’re happy to be part of that vision.

Scale customer service training with Lessonly

With Lessonly, customer service leaders quickly deliver streamlined training, empower their reps, and measure the impact on their business. That’s why world-class customer service teams use Lessonly—and do better work than they ever thought possible. Learn more by taking a tour of Lessonly today.

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