How Ibotta Delivers Superior Customer Service with Lessonly

Smart shopping starts with Ibotta. From in-store savings to online shopping, the company partners with leading brands and retailers to offer cash back to consumers on everyday purchases. As one of the most frequently used shopping apps in the U.S., Ibotta’s Care Team handles support for thousands of users.

Over the last few years, the Care Team has transitioned from a group of in-office agents to a large remote team. In order to keep up with the pace of growth and provide high-quality customer service, the Ibotta team turned to Lessonly.

Transfer knowledge with consistent training

Before Lessonly, Ibotta provided new agents with a five-day, in-office onboarding program. The classroom-style training included a few days of lectures and shadowing. As the team quickly expanded and hired more remote agents, Ibotta realized that, in order to scale efficiently, something needed to change. They soon built out a training program in Lessonly that could be completed by agents anytime, anywhere. The result? The ramp time for new agents has decreased significantly and their team is more productive than ever.

Lessonly also supports Ibotta’s ongoing training efforts—and keeping a team of more than 100 agents up-to-date is no small feat. Streamlining training with Lessonly ensures that every agent receives the same information, enabling consistent support across a growing and remote team. Lessonly has also made it easier to keep agents up-to-speed with new company information:

“We just came out with a new attendance policy. So we sent that out through Lessonly, and used assessments to ensure that everyone understood the new policy.”—Chelsey Michniewicz, Care Training Supervisor

Drive performance with knowledge management

Ibotta’s Care agents spend about 20% of their time in Lessonly. The other 80% is spent in Zendesk. With Zendesk’s intuitive and simple system, agents effectively track, prioritize, and resolve thousands of user tickets. It was important to make it easy and quick for agents to find the information they need—right when they need it.

To do this, Chelsey and her team link lessons to specific pages in Zendesk, so Lessonly automatically prompts agents with helpful content related to the tasks at hand. Lessonly and Zendesk’s internal knowledge base work in tandem to continuously provide agents with the best possible training and enablement content—all of which drives smart learning and even smarter customer service.
“We encourage our agents: If you don’t know it, check Lessonly. If Lessonly doesn’t have what you’re looking for, check Zendesk! If we find there was no answer for this question, we fix it, so the next person doesn’t have to go through the same process again.”—Chelsey Michniewicz, Care Training Supervisor 

Instantly give your team the knowledge they need to succeed. Recommend critical information—when and where your agents need it—with Lessonly for Chrome and Lessonly for Zendesk.

Improved satisfaction and effectiveness

Even with the increasing traffic and busy seasons, CSAT scores at Ibotta continue to rise. Chelsey is convinced that the team is more effective thanks to Lessonly and Zendesk. She admits, “My boss’ boss’ was astonished with how well we communicated with our team [through Lessonly and Zendesk].” In the end, Lessonly and Zendesk pair together and enable Ibotta agents to do better work and help customers live more rewarding lives.

Responsive customer service teams learn with Lessonly

Decrease turnover, increase customer satisfaction, and resolve more cases with Lessonly. World-class customers like Ibotta use Lessonly to provide training that keeps pace with the speed of business. Read more about how Ibotta pairs Lessonly and Zendesk here—or take a tour and start doing better work today.

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