How to Build a Self-Sufficient Customer Service Team

Carla is the manager of a large customer service team. They handle thousands of customer interactions every day through phone calls, emails, and chat messages. Recently, her company expanded its product and services offerings to a larger customer base. Now, Carla’s team is working harder than ever. Her already busy days are frequently interrupted by members of her team looking for answers to customer questions about these new products and services. Carla needs to figure out how to empower her reps with the knowledge and skills they need to be self-sufficient—so they can provide excellent customer service without hesitation.

Many customer service managers and supervisors find themselves in Carla’s predicament. Great customer service leaders know they can’t solve every problem—they also look for ways to enable employees to learn on their own.

Recently, we heard about one Lessonly customer decided it was time to do just that. Using our software, they built a team of self-sufficient reps who were empowered with the most current information they needed to better serve their customers.

Self-sufficiency starts with onboarding

Many customer service teams do new hire training with side-by-side shadowing of experienced reps. New reps also spend large amounts of time in the classroom (where they received inconsistent information from cohort to cohort). Our customer realized that this style of onboarding was ineffective.Their rapidly growing team needed to equip new reps with the knowledge and tools to become self-sufficient team members.

Now, our customer introduces Lessonly during the onboarding process to accompany and enhance in-person training. Their team creates lessons to introduce new topics prior to in-person training sessions so that reps can learn basic knowledge online and go deeper in-person. Reps also receive follow-up quizzes, which provide excellent insights that managers and supervisors can review to determine if reps are sufficiently grasping the training topics. Their scores are great indicators of how well a rep can recall and apply new information to their role—without asking a manager for help.

The importance of continuous training

As with many tech companies, our customer is constantly updating, changing, and improving the ways they connect with customers. Whether acquiring a competitor or launching several new programs at once, company changes were previously communicated via emails or during time-consuming meetings. These methods often proved to be unhelpful—reps still left these meeting confused.

Now, Lessonly is an integral part of documenting new workflows and process changes that every rep needs in order to be self-sufficient. Our software also provides customer service leaders and trainers with the functionality they need to ensure agents complete training. As with onboarding lessons, managers can also review quiz scores and reassign lessons if reps need to revisit and reference a specific topic that they may be asking too many questions about.

On-demand training is a go-to resource

The best part about equipping reps with Lessonly’s training software? Reps can access and revisit content whenever, and wherever they want. If a rep stumbles across something they are unfamiliar with, they can quickly and easily refer to Lessonly to find the answer. It has become the source of truth for the customer service team.

This has been extremely beneficial for managers and supervisors who were constantly fielding questions from reps—which also prevented customers from quickly receiving answers. Because Lessonly was regularly updated with valuable content about products and services, reps now see it as the go-to resource—instead of their manager or supervisor.

The team has already experienced rapid success in building a self-sufficient team. From equipping new reps with essential knowledge to providing on-demand training, our customer has streamlined communication. Now, reps are equipped and empowered with the information they need to solve problems on their own and deliver exceptional customer experience.

Empower customer service reps with training from Lessonly

Creating a customer service team of self-sufficient employees is key to scaling successful and delivering world-class support. Self-sufficiency is a win-win situation for all—it saves managers and supervisors time and helps employees develop the skills they need to perform. Take a tour of Lessonly and see how self-sufficient employees do better work.

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