Customer Support Holiday Rush Prep Starts Here

Holiday Rush Prep Starts Here

Customer support teams don’t need to wait until the leaves start changing or snow starts falling to prepare for the holiday rush. Proper planning for the peak season begins well in advance of the end of the year. Processes need to be defined and tools need to be in place so that customer support leaders can bring new hires up-to-speed quickly, and improve their team’s overall performance. In that spirit, we’ve put together the Summer Guide to Holiday Support.

Our panel of customer support experts

They say the best advice comes from experience, so to get the best tips and insight on peak planning, we gathered a panel of seasoned customer support experts:

  • Shep Hyken, Customer Experience Expert
  • David Tull, Quality Assurance Manager
  • Geoff Zentz, Customer Happiness Manager
  • Sheila McGee-Smith, Enterprise Communications Industry Leader
  • Matt Burnaford, Customer Service Manager

These thought leaders, team managers, and industry analysts drew upon their experience with peak season planning to surface critical topics that support teams should focus on as the holiday rush approaches. All of which you can find within the pages of our latest ebook.

Best practices for the holiday rush

Providing consistent customer happiness during peak season not only requires the training and development of existing employees, but often includes the onboarding of seasonal hires as well. Our Summer Guide to Holiday Support covers the most relevant topics for support teams, including:

Build training content—Seasonal hires often need extensive training to provide the level of customer satisfaction necessary for the holiday rush. Teams that build effective and engaging training content will be the most prepared for the peak season.

Measure KPIs that matter—Once teams start helping customers, support leaders need to track their effectiveness. Our experts weigh in on the key performance indicators that every team should be monitoring.

Cut ramp times and costs—Bringing new hires up to speed is critical during the peak season. This section lays out the business benefits of better onboarding.

Increase rep productivity—Our panel of experts share best practices for increasing team productivity and customer satisfaction.

With this resource, your customer support team will be better prepared to provide the type of customer service that has tangible business results. There’s never a better time to start preparing for the holiday rush than now! Download our Summer Guide to Holiday Support and get started today.

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