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Good Customer Service

Define Customer Service

Across the web, you will find varying definitions of customer service. The general consensus, however, is the interactions between a customer and a company throughout the buying process and thereafter. However, everyone has their own great service definition. The definition of superior customer service to some is a greeting and assistance when entering a store and others like hearing sales then being left alone. So, you have to ask yourself “What do you consider good customer service?”.

Representatives at every company struggle trying to establish a definition of superior customer service then following through on that definition. If every person has a different meaning of customer service, it is difficult to find the balance and please everyone, but there are key things that every customer or prospect deserves.

Companies are investing and recruiting for customer service professionals more than ever. It’s important to establish and train a team to propel your business to turn their company into a good customer service definition. Spending doesn’t stop after recruiting. Companies are spending money training and developing their customer service employees and allowing them to reach their full potential.

Although the meaning of customer service has changed over time, it continues to grow and become more personal. Companies are expected to respond on any medium, at any time, or at least have 24/7 assistance. For example, when you wake up from a nightmare, you want to be able to ask for help when purchasing a dreamcatcher from Amazon.

To finalize a definition superior customer service, a company must provide the ability to answer questions quickly and correctly. A company must have friendly representatives to assist customers on the journey to product enlightenment. Overall, it’s difficult to concretely define customer service, but it’s easy to detect when an individual experiences it. Companies throwing away their scripts and empowering their employees are having success with everyday customers. The empowerment allows representatives to handle customers without passing them off to a manager or putting them on hold to ask questions. Customers like issues handled promptly and empowerment does just that.

If companies are going to insist on empowering their employees, training is vital to maintaining consistency across individual representatives. Training ensures consistency and creates an environment where customers can get the best service.

Good Customer Service

Good customer service is hard to come by. Establishing a team to provide good customer service can be even harder. Unless your business has a monopoly over the market, you must deliver good customer service to your customers, which are the better half of a highly successful business. While any business can have good revenues, only truly successful brands can elicit positive feelings from customers upon mention. Providing a stellar customer experience hinges on the ability and dedication of the organization’s customer service professionals.

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Benefits of Good Customer Service

When you think of the importance of good customer service skills, there are countless reasons to exceed your customer’s expectations. The following information explains three of the top benefits good customer service.

1) Positive Customer Reviews

Whether it’s through Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, Trip Advisor, or the other countless social media outlets, customers can always share their experience with your brand, and it will be heard. According to BrightLocal’s annual 2014 Local Consumer Review Survey, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as they do personal recommendations, which highlights the importance of good customer service in retail. As a result, it’s imperative to work toward generating good customer service comments on social media.

2) Customer Retention

One of the top good customer service quotes that explain the effects of good customer service on customer retention is “Customers may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” Simply put, when you treat your customers right, they are much more likely to return again and again.

3) Happier Employees

Happy employees and happy customers go hand in hand. Simply put, employees are happier when they are trained and empowered to deliver excellent customer service. When the employees are constantly told how wonderful a job they are doing and how happy the customers are, it will empower them to continue to exceed expectations. On the other, hearing negative feedback will lower morale.

What Are Good Customer Service Skills?

While there are several examples of good customer service skills, the following list of good customer service skills are the cornerstone to bolstering the customer experience:

1) Patience

In any case, it’s imperative to remain patient when dealing with customers. Most of the time, customers will come to you frustrated and stumped. It’s up to you to take the time to figure out what they actually need.

2) Attentiveness

The ability to be attentive to the needs of the customers is one of the most vital aspects of providing stellar service. In addition to being attentive on an individual level, it’s also important for the brand to be attentive to customer feedback at large.

3) Communication Skills

Communication skills are required for you to be able to convey the solution to the customer and hear their problems. It’s important to remember that communication is a two-way street.

4) Ability to Use Positive Language

Language is a hugely important component of persuasion. And, a customer typically creates perceptions about you and your brand based on the language you use. As a result, it’s important to always explain what you can do, instead of what you can’t do with negative language.

5) Product Knowledge

In order to truly offer superior customer service, the agent must have sufficient product knowledge.

Bad Customer Service

What Does Bad Customer Service Cost Your Business?

If your brand is notorious for being one of the bad customer service companies, it can destroy your bottom line. The web is cluttered with bad customer service stories. It often seems there are more bad customer service articles than good ones. While some companies view customer service unjustly as an expense, the following bad customer service quotes and statistics demonstrate the importance of not becoming one of the poor customer service companies:

  • A staggering 86% of consumers stopped doing business with a brand because of a bad customer service experience.
  • On average, a customer will tell 9 people if they had a good experience with a brand. However, they will tell up to 16 about the bad customer service skills of a company.
  • Only 4% of customers will actually report bad customer service.
  • 51% of consumers said they would only try to reach support one time before they gave up on a purchase.

Key Traits of Bad Customer Service Companies

Bad customer service can take on a wide array of forms. However, bad customer service always results in the customer walking away with the feeling of “Why am I giving this organization my hard earned dollars when they do not even appreciate my business?” In any case, no brand should ever want their customers to walk away with this sentiment. However, if your brand is using any of the following bad customer skills, you may be driving your customers away to the competition.

Top 10 Bad Customer Service Examples

  1. Hanging up on upset customers
  2. Not greeting customers when they walk in the door
  3. Placing a customer on hold without asking for permission
  4. Eating food in front of customers
  5. Talking to other employees when customers are around
  6. Not making eye contact with customers
  7. Yelling back at a customer
  8. Forgetting to use the most common courtesies, such as “thank you” and “please.”
  9. Badmouthing the company to or in front of the customer
  10. Using technical jargon when speaking to customers

Good Customer Service Tips

7 Keys to Good Customer Service When Dealing with Irate Customers

Customers get angry and rude for a wide number of reasons. Some of those reasons may be justified, but many of them are not. In any case, your job is to use good customer service phrases to always diffuse the angry customer and provide a solution. Use the following seven tips for coping with irate customers.

Stay Calm

In the event a customer gets rude or starts yelling, you will gain nothing by reciprocating their action. In fact, it will undoubtedly increase the situation. It’s important to keep you cool, even if you feel like firing back at the customer.

It’s Not About You

It’s vital to remember, the customer’s distaste isn’t about you, and the customer isn’t angry with you. In reality, they are unhappy with the quality of service your brand has provided or the performance of your product. It’s important to put your feelings to the side.

Keep Your Ear Open

In most cases, angry customers only want to vent. In the process of being able to listen to a venting customer, you may actually be able to hear and defuse a situation as long as the customers understand that you are listening. Simply put, keep your ears open and hear them out. Once they are finished, summarize what you have heard and ask questions to make sure you understand the problem.

Use the Right Body Language

Your body language can be hugely important. It’s important to maintain eye contact; sit up straight or stand, and keep your arms uncrossed. Show the customer that you are listening and paying attention to their problem with your body language.

Empathize Actively

Most customers will want to know you understand where they are coming from after they vent. You can express empathy and sympathy from their unpleasant experience. Understanding and respect goes a long way toward smoothing things over. One of the top good customer service phrases to convey empathy is “I can completely understand how you feel…” Many good customer service calls require empathy and few good ones end without it.

Gracefully Apologize

Whether customer’s problem is completely irrelevant or legitimate, it vital to offer them an apology for the problem they are having or perceive to be having. A simple statement, such as “I am sorry you feel that way. Let’s see how we can correct that problem.”

Provide a Solution

Once you understand why the customer is unhappy, offer a solution. In most cases, all the customer wants is some degree of satisfaction. Very few examples of good customer service situations start with talking to multiple people. The easier a caller gets an answer, the better.

Practically every good customer service resume should encompass some if not all of the previously mentioned skills. In most cases, you can implement the previous seven steps into examples of good customer service for interviews. It’s much more effective to provide good customer service stories for interviews, instead of offering what you would do. Simply put, tell the interviewer how you have handled situations.

Examples of Good Customer Service

The term “customer experience” is all the rage these days. As a result, there are countless good customer service examples and good customer service stories. Check out the following examples of good customer service stories and scenarios in everyday situations.

Examples of Good Customer Service in Retail

Sometimes, you may run into a situation where the customer is actually the problem. Handling these types of problems requires good customer service skills in retail. For instance, if you own a store with a 10-day return policy that is clearly printed on the receipt, and the customer wants to bring a shirt back 15 days after the purchase. To resolve the problem, you can explain the policy, accept the return if it can be resold and is unworn. Then you will be able to welcome the customer’s future business. In the end, the customer gets what they want and you don’t lose out because you can actually resell the dress. In situations like this, you are able to provide the customer with the best customer service experience, which is a win-win situation.

Good Customer Service Skills in Healthcare

When people are sick, they can quickly become irrational and irate. One way to increase the accountability and customer service in the healthcare industry is to take ownership of a customer’s problem. Far too often, one problem is simply passed along until the client has had enough. In the healthcare world, every employee should know how to handle a patient’s concerns and complaints, even if it means finding someone else. It’s much better to say, “I’m finding someone who can help you right now,” instead of “I can’t help you, I’m the wrong person.” Using these types of affirmative statements will typically result in a more understanding patient.

Examples of Good Customer Service in a Restaurant

In a restaurant, promptness is everything. However, being prompt doesn’t mean hovering or rushing. It does mean giving the customers what they need when they need it. When you provide good customer service experience examples, your customers will always return to your restaurant for a pleasurable experience. Good customer service in the restaurant industry also means welcoming and friendly service as well as being available. When the customers can see hosts, managers, and waiters, it can increase their experience because they know you are always available to help.

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