Keeping Customers H-A-P-P-Y During Rapid Growth

Keeping Customers H-A-P-P-Y During Rapid Growth

Cassidy Tucker at describes growth as “the kiss of death” for some companies, specifically those who fail to plan for changes in company structure. When a growing company builds its reputation for customer service, customers themselves can feel the strain of growth when that reputation is no longer met or exceeded. The following guidelines can keep customers H-A-P-P-Y when your company is expanding.

H – Hear your customer

As obvious as it sounds, your customers will be the first to let you know when growth starts straining your service offerings. Keep your eyes and ears open for frustrated chats and voicemails to ensure that your customers aren’t getting lost in the shuffle as your company experiences growth.

A – Ask for feedback

Even if your customers aren’t letting you know how your service is, go ahead and ask them to provide feedback. Cassidy recalls this practice during her time at SPLT:

“We made it a point to check in with our customers multiple times a week. Not only did we gain amazing insights into how our customers felt about our product, but we also fostered relationships with customers who realized we truly cared about providing the best service possible. Many of our very first customers volunteered to be our ‘SPLT Champions,’ promoting our brand everywhere they went.”

Never underestimate the power of a personal connection between company and customer.

P – Praise your customers

We all like being appreciated, and that certainly extends to your customers. You can help your clients get through a rough patch of service with praise and appreciation. This can be anything from “Thank you” messages at the end of all chat interactions, or new-client gifts. If you’re shrugging and thinking that your customer experience is already good enough, Cassidy shares that while “80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior customer experience, only 8% of customers actually agree.”

P – Protect your company’s values and mission

Unlike many aspects of your business, you can uniquely tie customer service to the strength of your company values. A strong drive and belief toward customer service is a hallmark of most industry-leading companies. Cassidy reinforces this notion toward keeping customer service running on all cylinders, even during times of growth, “Ultimately, customers will feel a difference with your company that they’ll never experience with a company that does not own its values and mission.”

Y – “Yay!”

Your team should have this end goal in mind when responding to customer needs. Constantly asking the question, “How can I not only help solve this customer’s problem but make their day as well?” is a necessity in the customer service department. Keeping this as your rallying cry for new and old employees can help keep your culture consistent as you grow.

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