Announcing Contextual Learning with our Salesforce Integration

We love the opportunity to work with other software companies to create functionality that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Our partners help us provide exponentially more value to our clients and their learners, and they inspire ideas for the next generation of Lessonly’s learning software.

Today, we’re excited to announce Learning Automation for Salesforce. This integration, which is slated to publicly launch in 2017, marks a great milestone for our team and product, but we’re most excited about the benefits this brings to our clients and their learners.

Hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on Salesforce. With this integration, Lessonly is bringing contextual learning content to your customer-facing teams — all within the Salesforce app.

A refresher on learning automation

Current LMS solutions overcomplicate the process of creating, distributing, and tracking engaging and useful learning content,and too often learners find the experience needlessly cumbersome.

Lessonly’s Learning Automation Software (LAS) was built to solve these problems. By combining an intuitive, science-backed learner experience with automation capabilities, we are creating the most powerful way to educate your employees in the digital age. The results speak for themselves, with our clients averaging a 22% increase in team productivity (that translates to 8 bonus hours of good work, every week, per employee).

Practically, one of the most important functions Learning Automation brings to the table is contextual learning, which provides necessary content exactly when it’s needed—right where your learners already are. How does this apply to our integration with Salesforce? Let’s explain with a few examples:

A sales rep has an aging opportunity in Salesforce. At the 30-day mark, Lessonly automatically assigns a Lesson to that rep called 5 Steps to Reignite Lukewarm Opportunities.

A customer submits a support ticket, which is categorized as a cancellation request. Lessonly suggests a Lesson to the owner of the ticket. The lesson contains guidelines for handling cancellations, along with tips from fellow employees about how they have saved at-risk accounts in the past.

An admin keeps a constant pulse on the ROI and effectiveness of their learning programs, tying results to increased close rates, larger deal sizes, and reduced customer churn via automated reports & insights.

From the beginning, we’ve focused on putting Learners first. Integrating Lessonly with Salesforce empowers Learners in one of our favorite ways—in the context of their existing workflows.

Our vision

Driving specific results from learning initiatives has traditionally been difficult. By using your learning data alongside your Salesforce data, you have the information you need to make better business and learning-program decisions. Access your employee data in one place, deliver your learning content precisely when it’s needed, and track results, all within Salesforce.


What’s next?

We’re attending Dreamforce in San Francisco from October 4 through 7 to share our story and product with the Salesforce community. Check us out at booth #2036 or reach out to to schedule a meeting with us. We’d love to meet you!

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