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The Intangible Benefits to Your ROI

With any expenditure your business makes, you want to make sure that the money you lay out will reap real benefits for your department.

When considering return on your investment, costs don’t just mean dollars in your budget. They also include some often hard-to-quantify factors like these.

Increased productivity

According to our recent client survey, Admins report a 22% increase in their team’s productivity after implementing Lessonly training. How does increased efficiency like this translate into dollars? Well, if you’re seeing $100,000 in revenue, increased productivity at that level should garner you an additional $22,000. Think about how that scales to even higher revenue and larger call centers.

Better use of your reps’ time

To run a call center efficiently, you need your customer service reps available to answer calls. Time spent away from their desks with lengthy classroom and manual training means time they sacrifice answering calls with your customers.

How many extra calls can your CSRs answer with 22% better productivity? A basic calculation gives each team member an extra 8.8 hours on a 40-hour work week. That means an extra 53 calls per week, or 2,746 calls per year!

More engaged reps

Customer service representative who lack knowledge of your product, procedures, and process can become frustrated, disengaged, and unmotivated.

According to TalkDesk, the global metric for agent absenteeism in the call center is 5%, and the metric for call-center agent attrition is 15%. Factor in that our clients report that Lessonly training makes their team members 66% more confident, and consider how that can reduce both efficiency-killing factors.

Your time

Finally, what about your ROI as a manager and trainer? In learning our software and your roles as Creator and Admin, you’re spending time up-front. Take heart that as you create and manage Courses and Lessons in Lessonly, you’re not repeating countless hours of classroom training. Count the number of times you’ve taught a course over again, either to new hires or as a refresher. They add up, don’t they?

Also, by adding in quiz questions on topics you need to emphasize, you’re not guessing whether your team is retaining the crucial knowledge they need to satisfy your customers.

Want to increase the productivity of your customer support team? Sign up for a Lessonly tour today and see some solid ROI.

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