Introducing the Learning Library

Our new Learning Library will change the way you think about managing knowledge in your company. Until now, there has been a disconnect between learning and knowledge management. Required learning has lived in your learning software while other useful, non-required learning content was hidden somewhere in your internal wiki or knowledge base.

Many of our clients expressed frustration with their wikis and knowledge bases, and their feedback boiled down to a few key things: engagement was impossible to track, search was half-baked or non-existent, and the content was difficult to keep up to date. We began to wonder why two systems needed to exist at all. Why couldn’t we upgrade Lessonly as the place to capture, update, and deliver all your learning content and knowledge-base information? A place where, as desired, the learning content and knowledge-base information can be assigned — the same way we’ve always allowed — while the rest is sorted into topics and made available on an elective basis.

Once we validated this idea with our clients, we got to work, and we are so happy with the results.

The way forward

With the Learning Library, Lessonly provides a single place for all of your company’s learning needs — one place to capture it, update it, and share it. You can now give your team an interface for elective lessons and courses that are accessible from any device, topically organized, and easily searched. We’ve completely redesigned our lesson and course search to help you find the nuggets of knowledge you need in an instant, so you can work faster and smarter than ever before.

For administrators, we’ve added tracking features so you know which content is popular and which content is being ignored, while also seeing who’s learned what, when, and how well. No more guessing if your team is logging into your wiki, or how well they understood the information. We’ve also added search tracking, so you can know what topics people are searching for most, alerting you to the topics that are most important to your employees.

Take a peek

Here’s what the Learning Library looks like:

Based on your Lessonly tags, lessons and courses are organized into topics. Any untagged lessons show up as “Additional Courses and Lessons.” When you click on a topic, you are exposed to all the lessons and courses within it; you can even filter by recently added content to quickly find out what’s new. Lastly, with the Advanced Learning Library, you have the flexibility to allow only certain topics to be visible to certain groups — targeted learning for the win.

Learn details about Learning Library features in this lesson and contact to get access to the Learning Library today.

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