Start Customer Service Reps Off Right With Employee Onboarding Software

Start Customer Service Reps Off Right With Employee Onboarding Software

For companies with dedicated customer service teams, the importance of training is usually well-understood. Customer service representatives are the front lines when products or services malfunction or underperform. These emotional interactions with customers can be hard for some people to work with, but proper training through an employee onboarding software can do wonders to help bring people up to speed. Below are some sample onboarding lessons to help get your customer service reps ready for the real world.

Meet the Team and Company

In such a personal role, new customer service reps should be introduced to your team and company. If you’re building an employee onboarding template, be sure to include lessons that go over your company’s history as well as the people within it. Effective employee onboarding helps the new hire to understand more of the business surrounding them and that is even more true for customer service reps. Calling customers will find ways to ask every question possible about the company. Make sure your reps are prepared by teaching them everything they need to know about the product, service, and history of your business.

Customer Service Quotes

One of the first things that should be included in your employee onboarding checklist, is a lesson covering quotes the customer service team should be using. Most customer service teams have an unofficial list of these that makes the rounds, but putting them into the onboarding process for new employees makes it official. Providing employees with a list of customer service quotes, or even an entire script, that they can reference before answering the ringing phone allows them to be more equipped to handle the situations thrown at them. Lessonly lets learners retake lessons whenever they need for this very reason.

Customer Service Games

At Lessonly, we’re always aware of Customer Service Appreciation Week whenever it rolls around and we suggest our customers partake in the fun as well. Many Lessonly customers use our software to create fun trivia games and other quizzes that are more light-hearted than the traditional employee onboarding systems. For a role that deals with people day in and day out, providing breaks within human resources onboarding software like these quizzes and trivia games are always welcome.

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