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Where to Put Your Customer Service Quotes

Kate Zabriskie said, “The customer’s perception is your reality.” Customers have far more power than companies seem to think.

Customer service allows customers to actively interact with employees. A product gives the customer a tangible experience, but engaging with an employee is personal. Everything relating to your business is a representation of your business which is why the customer experience is so pivotal. People suspect that if your customer service is crappy, then your product is as well.

Keeping the importance of customer service in employees’ minds is critical for your company’s success. Customer service quotes are a great way to motivate your employees to provide friendly service. You could try to force your employees to provide excellent customer service. Using quotes from well-known business personals will motivate your employees more. To become the best, you want to learn from the best!

We have made it easy for you and created a customer service quote library. You do not have to spend time searching the internet for quotes to share. We have multiple topics to choose from: quality, inspirational, funny, famous, etc.

Do not just only send this link to your employees and say “read this.” We recommend you use these quotes to motivate your employees.

Here are five ideas that we have created on how you can share motivational customer service quotes with your employees:

A signature

Including a customer service quote at the bottom of your company’s signature is a reminder to employees and customers that you value them. Pick a quote from a well-known source.  By co-branding with the name, your employees will give you more credit. This will also instill in your employees the expectation of service you require of them.

Chalkboard or whiteboard

Get creative and write a weekly quote on your company whiteboard or chalkboard. Let your artistic employees have fun with them by asking them to let their inner crafter out and sketch the weekly quote.


Find a way to put up a quote as a decoration that fits in your company atmosphere. You could paint the quote on the wall. Get the quote framed. Make a hodgepodge collage of your company bags to make a canvas to write on. You can create whatever interesting display you like. Be creative!

Trivia game

Have each of your employees make up their own customer service quote. Post the quotes on a wall in the office and have the employees guess who created what quote. Get fun prizes for the employee who pairs the most quotes correctly.

You are just a click away from motivating your employees to provide excellent customer service.

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