Questions for Your LMS Comparison

Implementing a new LMS can be an exciting time, but ending up with the wrong learning management system can be costly. Before you embark on this journey, take a while and compare a few LMS vendors to make sure you are getting the right platform for your company and team. Unsure where to start? Here are a few questions to ask any learning management system provider in your LMS comparison.

Do you require third-party authoring?

Some companies require a third-party authoring tool. Before you buy an LMS to distribute your training, make sure you don’t have to buy another tool just to build it. Remember if you do decide to move forward with an authoring tool, consider that pricing in your evaluation as well.

Can lessons be assigned or scheduled for a future date?

If you are using your LMS for compliance training or you want to avoid bombarding your new hires with an abundance of assignments on their first day, you need scheduled assignments. Alternatively, if you don’t have scheduled assignments, you can set up an event on your calendar to assign lessons to certain people, but when you can schedule assignments in the app, you decrease clicks and you can manage everything without switching tabs.

Can you schedule learning paths?

People learn at their own pace. With learning paths, you can ensure that people are completing lessons in the proper order at a good pace. Once an assignment is completed, they will get their next assignment. Think of your learners as secret agents and after one lesson is completed, they get a call from you on their watch and you give them their next assignment, all automatically.

What is the implementation fee?

An LMS that is hosted on your servers may require a dedicated representative from the company to travel to your location to install it on your system. Unfortunately, that process can be pricey. You might be able to talk your service provider into letting you install it yourself, but say goodbye to your day at that point.

Do you provide customer support over the phone?

Whether it’s a lack of experience, a transfer of ownership, or just a rough day, chances are you are going to forget how to do something or wonder if it is possible at some point. When you have to rely on email support, a form on a website, or a wiki of other users, timeliness is not a concern of anyone but your team. A quick call can save hours on both sides of the equation, so make sure to look into your support system before you sign any contract.

If you want to make sure you have covered all of your bases, check out our learning software RFP here. Want to evaluate Lessonly? Take a tour today.

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