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How to Keep Excellent Customer Service Examples Coming

If you are a customer service manager, you likely hear a lot of bad customer service examples. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are calling you because something is going well. When something does go well for your team of representatives, it can be a reason to smile for that individual but it might not transfer to the rest of the team. Long days of complaints can be a drag to any representative, but when you share those excellent customer service examples with the team, you’ll see a few more smiles around the office. Here’s when to do it:

Team chat

When I get feedback from a customer about how much they are loving Lessonly, I send it in our group chat. Everyone loves to hear when our customers are doing well with our product since everyone has a part in it.

It’s so easy to open up Flowdock and share it in our thread. It doesn’t break up the natural rhythm of people’s days, but when they get around to reading comments, it can give them a boost of motivation if they need it.

Weekly meeting

I love sharing positive news from our customers in our weekly meetings. Whether it is a customer using our product differently than we thought they would or simply a customer epiphany accompanied by excitement, our team always ends up sounding like we’re watching fireworks.

Online training

When I get a chance, I love building a lesson in Lessonly and send it out to the team about what some of our clients do, how they are using Lessonly, and how it’s impacted them as a company. It’s like an internal case study. Sure, it’s very helpful for the sales team to know possible use cases to discuss, but it’s helpful for everyone.

Marketing knows now what our clients are using the product for, so they can help them along their journey with resources and blogs. Development can better form a roadmap for future features based on a shift or an urgent desire from many customers.

Why share?

Customer service has a reputation of being an individual-dependent role. In some companies, it can be easy for a representative to walk in the door, stroll to their desk after punching the clock, and resolve customer issues for the rest of the day.

When the entire team feels comfortable sharing stories with each other, every day becomes more enjoyable. In the potentially thankless industry of customer service, sharing stories about customer successes and excellent customer service examples makes every day fly by with a smile.

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