Grapery Grapes

Great Products Are Greater with Great Customer Service

Yesterday, Karlie brought in Cotton Candy Grapes.

“Oh that’s just a typo, he probably meant grape cotton candy.”

I do not. I read that sentence 5 times to make sure it was right. The grapes were amazing, both confusing and delicious. On the packaging, the CEO had printed his email and a quote: “These Cotton Candy grapes really do taste like cotton candy! What a fun, healthy way to enjoy everyone’s favorite flavor from the fair. Let me know if you agree.”

Although, as an Indiana kid, my favorite flavor at the fair was giant tenderloins, of course, we emailed him. He responded with a gracious email expressing his passion for grapes and a recommendation of moon drop grapes which are out of this world–heh, his joke, not mine.

Great product

Even without the large banner outside of Fresh Market informing passers-by that Cotton Candy Grapes are available, this product stands out. It’s different. It makes other products dull in comparison. The name “Cotton Candy Grapes” is something that people want to talk about and try.

When Karlie said, “Hey, I brought in Cotton Candy Grapes for whoever wants to try them,” the office transformed into a gathering of food critics. I never knew I had a need or desire for a different variety of grapes until I heard the name.

To create a great product, offer a unique experience. Grapery didn’t just try to rebrand another type of grape, or cover up a regular grape with cotton candy flavoring or even cotton candy itself. It even accomplished unique flavoring without GMOs. When creating or updating a product, find something that stands out, don’t just follow your competitors or the industry or you’ll always be behind.

Great customer service

What really stood out to us is the CEO took the time to respond. If you want to make a great product greater, take the time to engage with your customers. Of course he knows those grapes taste like cotton candy or he wouldn’t have named them Cotton Candy Grapes.

But, when he responded to our email about how much we loved Grapery’s grapes, we were all excited to try these new moon drop grapes. A two-minute email generated interest in 4 or more potential customers.
Cotton Candy Grapes are only available until mid-September, so keep an eye out for the huge banners at your local grocer or take a look at the Grapery’s retail locator.

moondrop grapes customer service
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Image source: Unsplash

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