Customer Service Interview Questions

The importance of recruiting the right people for the job, especially in customer service, is nearly ineffable. You have to find the right attitude, the right culture fit, the right work ethic, and even the right voice. Also, customer service has such a high turnover rate that finding and retaining the right employees can save companies thousands of dollars. Doing that is not an easy task. To start, asking the right questions in an interview can give you an excellent view into how the recruit will be as an employee.

Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Many interviews are now focusing on behavioral questions rather than the experience of the job candidate. Some customer service behavioral interview questions include topics such as “Can you tell us about a time you had to deal with stress and the outcome?” or “Have you ever had an issue with a coworker and how was it resolved?”

As a manager, look for customer service interview answers that walk you through the whole process, including the resolution. If the problem was never resolved, it could be a sign that the interviewee is hesitant to deal with conflict. An answer that states a lack of conflict could signal a lack of self-awareness.

Call Center Interview Questions

For call center management, you may have to deal with a different environment than retail or chat customer service representatives. Consider asking how they adapt to a distracting or noisy environment. If they need complete silence to be more effective, they may not be the best fit for a call center career.

Before an interview, conduct a phone interview to see how the person sounds over the phone. Ask some hard-hitting customer service phone interview questions. Have them walk through a customer complaint they handled in the past at their previous job. Some people have difficulty sounding enthused or engaging over the phone, and you don’t want your customers to feel bored every time they call your customer service line.

Customer Service Interview Questions to Ask

As an interviewer, you have to put yourself in the same situation as your customers. Know what characteristics they would appreciate from a representative, and be sure that every candidate you select has those qualities.

For an effective interview, you need to ask general questions, behavioral questions, eCommerce customer service questions, call center questions, and even customer service manager interview questions to evaluate future potential.

For specific examples, check out this lesson on customer service interview questions.

If you’re ready to start building a training program for your new or veteran customer service reps, you can find that here.

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