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Customer service often leaves a lasting impression on any consumer and it usually polarizes to one of the extremes. Some find themselves walking out with sore cheeks from smiling so much and others might have the steam from their ears blow the phone out of their hand.

Being a customer service rep can be a tiring job, continuously searching for hay of positivity in the needlestack of complaints. If you find yourself in the continuously frustrated group, no offense, but the common thread may be um…you. It’s okay; we’re going to help you help yourself. Here are some tips for getting the best customer service:

A smiling start

Be sure to walk through the door with a smile. Leave all negativity on the front step and make sure you start every experience with a fresh, positive attitude. Fun factoid about smiling, it tricks your brain into happiness. So, if you weren’t happy before you smiled, you should be after. Even if your satisfaction is based on a phone conversation, a smile and engaging conversation are usually recognizable across communication mediums. Your representative could have just had several negative experiences in a row and you could be the one to pick them out of their slump.

Set the tone

Make every experience personal, not in the sense that every complaint you have is blamed on the representative, but take the time to remember your representative’s name. Ask them how they’ve been after they ask you. Even if you have a complaint, framing it in a positive light is more likely to end with a satisfied result. Share the experience with the other party. Establishing a personal relationship with the representative will let them know where you are coming from and give them a better insight to your situation. Instead of a quick “I need a few minutes,” when they’ve asked for an order reply with “Ahh! You’re here already. Everything sounds delicious, what would you recommend?”

Leave with a laugh

The last thing you can do is ensure that the representative will have a lasting impression of you as you end the conversation. Once you’ve established a tone and relationship with your representative, make an appropriate joke. I remember calling a store representative to talk about Black Friday, once she was finished answering my questions, she remarked “I was putting off thinking about Black Friday for as long as possible, so thank you for ruining my weekend.” Because we had established a tone and shared laughs before this, it was a great way to cap off the experience. I very well may have ruined her weekend, but we both left the conversation with a laugh.

Customer service representatives usually have their job because they are good at resolving issues with people. Sometimes it is easy to forget for some that they are people too. It’s not personally their fault that your card got declined after your spontaneous trip to Panama, but I promise they are willing to help you resolve the issue. As much as you like a good customer service experience, representatives enjoy a good customer.

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