dust doodles Revenue's best kept secret is on the loose.

Revenue's best kept secret is on the loose.

200+ global revenue leaders from companies like Slack, Yelp, Zendesk, and Zoom have spoken, and it's confirmed: Practice = Revenue. Dive into this report to explore the five key trends we uncovered about the impact skill development and practice have on revenue generation.

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The Story Behind The Report

We talk about the value of practice often at Lessonly. We’re convinced frontline teams do incredible things when they’re first enabled to succeed, and our customers prove that to us time and time again. But, we were unsure of how other companies around the world approach enablement and practice. How do $1M vs. $5B ARR teams do role play? Do they stay aligned using online software? Do employees take personal development courses? Who “owns” practice and skill development anyway, and how often should it happen? What’s the secret sauce that makes all revenue generators top performers? These questions all boiled down to one, big question: 

How do revenue leaders practice essential skills with their teams to create more revenue?

We didn’t have the answers to these questions, so we thought we’d ask around. Formally. So, we partnered with the Revenue Collective to create a 10-question survey that took a closer look at how leaders measure the development and growth of their teams. We surveyed 228 revenue leaders at a VP-level or above at high-growth companies to see what’s working for their teams and what’s not.

About This Report

Conducted in early 2020, the survey captured responses from leaders at start-ups, scale-ups, enterprise-level corporations, and everything in-between. Here are some fast facts about our participants:

  • They’re 228 full-time, global revenue leaders who are members of the Revenue Collective.
  • They hail from 4+ continents, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
  • They’re from 200+ companies $1M to $1B in ARR, including household names like Slack, Dun & Bradstreet, Yelp, Zendesk, and Zoom

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The 5 Big Takeaways

Surveys only matter if they actually tell us something and inform future decisions. So, we took a deep dive into the responses and sliced-and-diced the data to get a better picture of how top leaders approach practice and skill development. (Spoiler alert: Great enablement is about more than personal development courses or hours and hours of role play.) 

Here are the five key stats we uncovered that surprise us and excite us:

  1. 60% of leaders want to focus more on practice. But three times as many leaders are measuring success by quota attainment rather than skill development.
  2. 92% of leaders at $1B+ companies measure quantitative and qualitative factors of growth, but less than 30% have the right tools in place to do it at scale.
  3. 56% of revenue leaders report major barriers to effectively measuring the nitty-gritty details of their team’s growth and development.
  4. 96% of leaders would love weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates on how their teams practice, but they don’t have time to measure it all.
  5. 20% of revenue leaders don’t think developing their teammates is their job because there’s confusion around who “owns” practice.

For more context and details around each of these statistics, the full, free report of Practice = Revenue is available now. Our hope is that you steal the ideas and insights here and use them to your team’s advantage. Take them and run. Lead more effectively. Become better coaches. Practice more strategically. Measure the skills that matter. And, ultimately, create more revenue. You can view the full Practice = Revenue report here.

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