Millennial Customer Service On Fleek

Successful companies in today’s world know how to market to the millennial (or younger) crowd. This demographic wants information now, they want it kept short and to the point, and they want to have fun. Companies that have a solid web presence and use social media to attract and serve customers are at the leading edge of capitalizing on the younger generation.

Pictures are Perfect

Just about every millennial has an Instagram account or shares images on social media. Young people love pictures of places, of funny events, of just about anything. With the use of the internet, we have become a society that takes and shares pictures more than ever before. A successful company will integrate images into their customer retention techniques, using photos that help build brand loyalty.

Keep It Short

There’s a reason that sites such as Twitter and Facebook are so popular with the younger crowd. They want information in short snippets. Anything longer than a sentence or two gets boring fast. When focusing on customer service for millennials, you have to remember that short pieces of information work best. Fluff is ignored by the younger crowd, and they don’t want to sift through several sentences to get to the point. Keep it short and you will keep your young customers happy.

Instant Gratification is the Key to the Millennial’s Heart

The younger crowd has grown up with the internet at their fingertips. They want answers now, and if you as a business can’t give them answers, they will move on to the next company. The faster you can provide customer service to the millennials, the happier they will be. In fact, if you aren’t quick to react to their needs, they may even bash your business on social media sites.

Customers Will Use Numerous Devices

Your website should be accessible on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Your young clients will switch devices within minutes to get the information they want. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, your young customers are going to move on to the next one. Serve millennials better by being accessible through a wide range of media devices.

Keep Up

Kids these days, the young whippersnappers, have all this wacky lingo, like “on fleek” or “catfish” or “bae.” They’re just making up sounds at this point. Companies that can keep up with their vernacular are doing great at social media customer service, though. To understand a problem, you need to be speaking the same language. So, keep your customer service on fleek, don’t catfish your followers, and make your company bae.

Teach your customer service team a new lexicon here.

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