Why Customer Service for e-Retail is More Important Than Ever

In today’s e-Commerce and e-Retail landscape, it’s a totally different dynamic when it comes to customer service. Since e-Retailers do not have the ability to interact face-to-face with customers, it’s vital to have an extremely easy sales process and sufficient customer service across multiple touchpoints such as:

  • Phone customer service
  • Chat customer service
  • Social media customer service
  • Email customer service options

In any case, the typical e-Commerce customer service experience is defined by a handful of small transactions and details. No matter how small or insignificant the touchpoint may seem, customer service has an imperial value for online retailers. Continue reading to learn more about why customer service is more important than ever.

Drive New Business

Like in any line of business, being there for your customers when they need you is essential. In the most simple sense, it can encourage customers to do business with you in the future and bolster your overall reputation. According to the findings in the American Express Global Customer Service Barometer, seven out of 10 American consumers will spend 13% more with companies they perceive to provide excellent customer service. In addition, 78% of consumers have canceled or changed their mind about a purchase due to poor customer service.

Attract New Customers

Customer service is important because it will allow you to attract new business. According to the American Express survey, 59% of American consumers are willing to try a new business or brand simply for an improved customer service experience. This means it’s imperative for your brand to have a strong reputation for delivering stellar service. When you have this reputation of being easier to work with, consumers will undoubtedly flock to your site, even if it means them paying a slightly higher premium. Simply, it pays dividends for any brand to deliver stellar customer service.

The Effect of Multiples

One of the most amazing aspects of good or bad customer service is that it spreads like a wildfire. However, it’s a known fact that poor customer service will reach more ears than good experiences. Americans are said to tell approximately nine people about their stellar customer service experience. On the other hand, these same consumers tell almost two times the number of people (16) about a poor customer service experience. These numbers make it imperative for each interaction a customer has with your brand to exceed their expectations.

Send the Right Message

Across the board, brick-and-mortar and e-Retailers are failing to meet the service needs of customers. According to the American Express survey, almost two-thirds of consumers feel as if companies are not paying enough attention to service. 42% of the respondents to the survey stated companies may be helpful but are not taking the extra steps to keep their business. A staggering 22% of consumers feel as if companies take their business for granted. If you are failing to provide a stellar customer experience, what message you are sending your customers?

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