How to Write the Best Customer Service Script

If you own or manage a business, you likely understand the value of customer service. The interactions that your staff provides can inspire loyalty from customers who will stick with your brand for life. When you train your employees, you should provide them with a comprehensive script that functions as the “go-to” guide for customer interaction.

Help the new kid

Customer service scripts are basically pre-written conversations that personnel follow when interacting with potential customers on the phone or even through customer service emails. These prepared conversations help to keep employees focused on engaging customers and also to reduce the potential for communication errors. Scripts are especially helpful for new employees who are struggling to retain an expansive amount of information. A script will help the employee provide only the most up to date and correct information to customers. It also ensures that the staff will ask key questions.

Grease the door hinges

When writing your script, you should create a series of openers and closers that help employees initiate and wrap up interactions with the buying public. The script must also cover hypothetical situations that commonly arise between customers and staff. The staff’s message should be consistent no matter which customer he interacts with. The script must contain a series of questions that will help customers feel as though their patronage is valued.  Scripted questions also present the opportunity to educate customers about the store.

Say ‘sorry’

Of critical importance is the scripting of conversations for complaints. Employees should immediately state that they are sorry that the product did not meet expectations. The goal is to keep the customer cool and calm throughout the complaint process. He should then ask what can be done to make it up to the customer. This will encourage loyalty to the business and brand. It also lets the customer be heard and presents the opportunity to re-set his expectations.

Find a solution

The best customer service script will always provide a potential solution. Employees should be trained to find ways to “make things right” with the customers. No customer should be left hanging after a complaint. Scripts help employees act in a proactive manner that really makes customers feel valued.

In a nutshell, customer service scripts serve to facilitate customer interactions. They allow employees to pursue sales opportunities, help customers with complaints and explain the business’s goods and services. When an employee is empowered with a comprehensive customer service script, he’ll feel as though no customer interaction has the potential to end on a bad note. He’ll have a number of pre-planned statements and questions that will steer the conversation to a direction that benefits both the business and the customer.

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