Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Client Success with Peer-to-Peer Training

Client success and sales teams need to communicate effectively to create an excellent customer experience and close new business. Rather than relying on emails, in-person meetings, and redundant, one-on-one conversations, online training software can provide a consistent, efficient avenue for scaled peer-to-peer training.

Peer-to-Peer training benefits

When peers train each other, great things happen. Such as:

  • Increase job-based knowledge
  • Build relationships with peers
  • Reduces in-person training budget
  • Instills self-confidence in the trainer

How to

It’s much easier to talk the talk than walk the walk when it comes to employee training, but here are three ideas that we have internally used to help collaboratively grow each other into a better unit, specifically with our sales and client success teams.

1. Individual stories

Each week, have key members of both teams create stories of their best customer interaction and their worst customer interaction. Each team member should be responsible for learning at least two best and two worst stories from the other team.

2. Trends

Each month, both teams should identify trends in current and new business that are leading indicators of success. Once each team has gathered the trends, assign one new teacher from each team for each month to write a lesson about the insights for the other team. Each team should then learn about the trends from the other team.

3. Cross-functional topics

Client Success can train Sales about:

  • Accurate level of output for expectations
  • Developing life-cycle-long relationships
  • Information gathering for future interactions
  • Target customer data

Sales can train Client Success about:

Check out how sales teams learn with Lessonly here.

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