Customer Service Considerations for Onboarding

Onboarding and training are sometimes used synonymously to signify the procedure of preparing a new employee to become an integral part of your company. However, there are some important distinctions that can make a big difference in the way you approach onboarding for customer service representatives. Training carries with it the idea of simply showing someone how to do a job, while onboarding is the imparting of knowledge to a new employee that will not only help them learn how to do a specific job, but also how to become a part of the team.

Company Culture

Each company has developed, over time, its own culture. This is sometimes done systematically, or perhaps it has grown up organically as a result of the impressions that the leadership has made upon the company as a whole. Either way, when that culture has been established, it becomes its own unique entity and should be integrated into customer service activities. In this integration, understanding what is customer service for your company’s unique culture is critical. Newcomers are not aware of this and it is important for management to take time in their onboarding process to acquaint new employees with this culture.


Expectations are a fluid thing that can vary between manager and manager, however, overall there will be a certain set of expectations within each team. Beyond simply learning how to perform a task, onboarding is an opportunity for a new team member to become familiar with the expectations of the management as well as the other team members. This is especially crucial if some expectations are just mutually observed rather than written in stone. Making expectations clear from the beginning is a great way to avoid misunderstandings and time-wasting delays in the future.

Customer Service Specifics

Levels of customer service differ from company to company. There are companies that stand out in everyone’s mind as having excellent customer service. Every time you speak with the company, you are pleased and you are treated respectfully. Other companies seem indifferent about their customer service. When you are in the onboarding process with new customer service representatives it is very important to impart to them exactly the tone of your company’s customer service standards. If new employees have never encountered a company quite like the one they are now working for then this is even more critical. They will need to learn an entirely different way of addressing customer service than they have ever known before.

Tools That Help

The most vital tool that will ensure that your onboarding process is successful is communication. Communicating clearly with new employees concerning company expectations, management expectations, as well as team member expectations, will go a long way in ensuring that you put together a stellar customer service team. You want your team to work together seamlessly to provide customers with excellent customer service. Lessonly provides onboarding and training software that can help you impart this information to your new employees. Even if you are not an employee training expert our product can help you achieve your training and onboarding needs. Our Training App for Non-Trainers can literally help anyone get their team onboarded and ready to serve their customers.

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