Top 4 Most Important Customer Service Skills

Here is a short list of some of the most important customer service skills for people to have when they are delighting customers on a daily basis.


When people are impatient, they can easily let the customers who tend to be rude get to them and start to bug them. However, by learning patience, people will be able to feel good about what they are doing and be able to cope with the customers who are nearly impossible to deal with. The difficult part about patience is that it’s learned over time and sometimes it will take quite a while to learn.


Attentiveness can be trained to new employees and even older employees. People need to learn this skill and pay attention the needs of a customer and make sure they are taking care of the customers actual needs, rather than what the customer thinks they need. Often times, these can be two very different things.

Clear communication

If the customer cannot understand the employee and be able to answer what is being asked, it is going to detract with how the customers feel about your business. However, with clear communication skills, people will feel better about your business and understand what is being asked of them and be able to answer properly. Considering differences in communication medium is important as well, as responding to a tweet or phone call or email requires a different style for each type. Our communication skills training resource is a great tool to improve your customer service team’s interactions with customers.

Time management

When people have good time management skills, they are able to dictate the right amount of time to spend with each customer. They are not going to spend too much time with any one customer and disappoint the other customers. Being able to prioritize what needs to be done when is crucial for managing time.

Customer service is one of the most difficult topics for people to teach to others. However, with Lessonly’s customer service training software and tracking tools, it’s easy to identify which team members are truly understanding and retaining the material and who isn’t. This allows you to focus time on those who are not to help them get caught up.

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