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Sales Coaching Tools

In an ever-shifting economy, investments like sales coaching are becoming more important. You want your sales team to operate like a well-oiled machine, which only works if all the parts know their roles and responsibilities.

That’s why Lessonly developed a wide array of sales coaching tools to enhance the abilities of your sales reps. Our sales enablement software and training tools, organizations empower sales reps, accelerate ramp time, improve selling skills, and deliver personalized feedback and coaching when it matters most.

Sales Tools Examples

Sales readiness tools like skills assessments, training and certifications, practice exercises, and coaching work to ensure your reps have step-by-step guidance through the training and enablement process to maximize retention and proper utilization. In short, sales readiness prepares your reps for obstacles and gives them every possible resource. 

We designed our sales readiness platform to incorporate microlearning, accessibility, feedback, and integrations, all of which work together to provide a well-rounded training experience.

Microlearning is often more efficient than traditional sales training courses. Rather than spend an hour watching a video and then answering questions, use our five-minute video with integrated questions. We’ve turned conventionally dragging training courses into short, memorable lessons that are sure to impact your sales reps.

Sales training tools

Sales training tools prepare your sales reps to tackle any sales-related issue. Sales training ensures your reps have the basic skills for their job, like product knowledge and how to market them. Training tools can also be product or industry-specific, since your sales methods depend on your consumer and prospect base.

Other sales training materials should rely on skills that help with problem-solving or diffusing unpleasant situations. Nearly everyone in sales or customer service has to deal with a disgruntled customer eventually. And, these training scenarios require a well-constructed plan to handle each grievance positively.

Sales coaching tools

Sales coaching tools are an essential part of keeping your company up-to-date with trends and ideas. Continually coaching your sales reps—rather than just throwing information at them—will maximize retention and enable better job efficiency. It also allows you to alter your sales methods on a day-to-day basis if there’s an issue.

Lessonly designed sales coaching software to optimize information delivery and retention. We provide a simple, easy-to-use platform that will improve efficiency and increase satisfaction across the board. Sales coaching ensures that the methods and policies you teach your sales reps are learned, practiced, and mastered without lengthy seminars or training sessions.

Sales enablement tools

Sales enablement tools also play a crucial role in communication for your company. They connect workforce teams that typically have to collaborate through meetings or email and involve the customer in the problem-solving process. 

Sales enablement software creates a platform for data storage and communication that anyone in your company can access. A sales rep can collect and enter information from a customer, and a marketing team member can access it without passing through convoluted channels. Your marketing team can also collect data through the software and apply it to a relevant project with ease.

By providing sales enablement training for your employees, you allow everyone to improve their communication skills and empower them to do Better Work.

Sales performance management tools

A valuable tool for sales associates that need practice in certain areas is training simulation software. It provides a way for them to refine their sales techniques without anyone else having to take time out of their day to help. 

Even with all these tools, a good coach must know sales coaching exercises that they can do to benefit the sales representatives in need. The most important thing is to guide the representative to a solution, rather than handing it to them. By helping them find the answer, the sales coach encourages them to use similar thought patterns in the future and develop problem-solving skills of their own.

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Why Teams Should Use a Sales Coaching Platform

There are plenty of benefits to using a sales coaching platform to help create and deliver sales coaching to your team including:

Increased productivity

A productive sales rep will increase individual sales totals and challenge company quotas. Without improving productivity and efficiency, your company risks losing valuable time and resources to sales reps who aim to please but may not be able to conform to company policy. Traditional individual evaluations waste time and resources when compared to Lessonly Skills.

We provide valuable insight into the current work ethic of your sales reps and their progress toward better results. Coaching for productivity ensures your sales reps fully understand their position and performance expectations. Arming them with skills and knowledge enables them to execute their tasks and hit sales goals.

Guaranteed engagement

Tools like Lessonly personalizes your training and coaching to fit your company’s needs. We designed our sales coaching platform to provide individual progress reports, evaluations, and ways for your sales reps to provide ongoing feedback.

Seminars and training conferences can be costly, boring, and ultimately ineffective. That’s because learning won’t stick unless it includes a hands-on application to make it relevant. Rather than corralling your sales team in a conference room for someone to talk at them for hours, you can let our coaching software optimize your training sessions AND spare your wallet.

Ensured retention

Why pay for a trainer or instructor to coach your sales reps when they won’t retain the information? Traditional training methods see lots of information thrown around without achieving employee comprehension.

Even for small companies, individually tailored coaching is a fantastic idea. Still, it’s hard to coach and evaluate those on your sales team individually. That’s why our sales coaching software uses personalized assessments and breaks down the results while suggesting next steps for each rep.

Lessonly Has the Tools you Need to Improve Sales Performance

Lessonly is the obvious choice when selecting a training and coaching program. We’ve collaborated with thousands of companies across the globe to help them achieve their sales and business goals. When bringing in a new hire, our onboarding training is invaluable and enables teams to train ramps in as little as 10 days. We also provide customizable assessments and courses for soft skills, hard skills, and other aspects of your business that new hires need to know.

Our sales training software allows you to monitor the progress of your team and collect valuable feedback on their experience. It also gives everyone the chance to access and complete additional training or relay which areas they struggle with, promoting active collaboration between you and your team. Say goodbye to costly retraining and poor evaluations when you use Lessonly’s sales coaching tools.

The best part is that Lessonly empowers you to personalize training and coaching for your sales reps. There’s no set curriculum or expectation to work around because you can create lessons to meet the needs of your employees. So, whether you have five sales reps or five hundred, we’re the best sales coaching software available when considering quality, effort, and cost. We provide high-quality training software at a reasonable price, yielding unrivaled results across diverse companies. 

You can’t expect a new hire to master every aspect of their onboarding training in a few days. Likewise, even seasoned employees benefit from a refresher course. Ongoing training and coaching keep your sales representatives operating at their peak and offering the best experience for your customers.

Lessonly’s sales coaching software provides you and your company with valuable insight into the performance of your sales team. We empower you to evaluate your sales reps on their current progress and set future goals. Our newest product, Lessonly Skills, focuses on the hard and soft skills that employees need to flourish in the workplace.