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Sales Training Software

In today’s business world, much of the competition for hiring employees has shifted away from who has the longer list of talents on their resume and more toward the battle in attracting the right type of people to your company. This is in part thanks to the ubiquity of sales training available to managers and administrators. These new employee training methods are changing the corporate landscape in terms of talent that can be brought on. By creating an employee training plan that involves online training that is engaging and useful to the learner, companies save money by investing in better employees that work harder and stay longer.

This has become especially prevalent in today’s sales landscape. In this competitive environment, sales teams are turning to sales training software to reduce ramp time of new hires, enable their current workforce, and increase performance. First, this is because sales training software helps new sales reps learn the ins and outs of their new role. It also equips veteran sales reps with ongoing enablement and training to keep their skills and knowledge fresh. The result? One salesforce that marches to the same beat and is enabled for practically every angle of their job

So, if you’re still under the impression that spending money on sales enablement training software or sales training programs, isn’t a good investment, you may want to think again. The reality is that giving your sales reps the tools they need to succeed, like sales training programs with various sales training courses, is key to employee retention, engagement, and ultimately, revenue goals. Now that we know why you should consider sales training software, let’s figure out exactly what we’re talking about when we use the phrase web-based sales training.

What is Sales Training?

Hiring new employees into sales roles can be a bit daunting for a multitude of reasons. The sales team arguably has the most contact with people and groups outside your company’s walls. Ideally, new sales team hires will have a set of sales skills that they can refer to whenever it comes down to a cold call, but if your business has specific selling methods that are enforced, sales training can come in very handy. In its most simple form, sales training comes down to teaching your employees the most successful selling techniques that work for what they are selling. The way that this training can vary in size, scope, and depth, but sales skills training makes sure that your sales representatives know what they are talking about when they pick up the phone to chat with a customer.

A few years ago, online programs would be seen as advanced sales techniques, but today they are fairly common. E-learning software is more prevalent than ever thanks to its ability to be available whenever the learner needs it. At Lessonly, we strive to make the learning experience centered around your employees so the information stays with them. And even if it doesn’t, our software allows for sales courses to be reviewed so that information being passed along to your customers is always correct. Lessonly is the perfect place to finally convert that old sales training manual pdf into something a little more useful and interactive. If you can create an email, you can create engaging training documents in Lessonly.

Sales Training Software Programs

The only downside to so many companies offering different software skills training platforms is deciding which one is right for your company’s needs. There are different variables that need to be considered when deciding which software program will be the best fit; size, features, and probably most importantly, pricing. Below we’ve put together a sales training program outline to define a few of the best sales training programs you will find and what their strengths and weaknesses are.

  • eLearning software — The eLearning industry has been around for years now, and most closely resembles what Lessonly offers. These software platforms are flexible and scalable to the information that you place into it. These can work across a variety of industries and have proven valuable to providing sales training on the most important topics that sales teams need to know. Depending on the size of the software company, these platforms can support everything from small businesses to medium-to-large companies.
  • Online training development software — Training development programs have been around for as long as employees have needed to get better at what they do. These software platforms are more aimed to develop existing skills that employees have rather than start from scratch. These come in handy for technically advanced positions like web development or industries that require recurring certifications. Training software solely focused on the development of existing knowledge tends to be focused on a singular topic and doesn’t always scale for an entire company.
  • Industry-specific training software — Often there are important pieces of information contained within industries that are so in-depth that they necessitate their own training programs. Think of hospitals and medicine in this respect. These training software programs are highly specialized and rarely work outside of their intended industries, but are critical in training employees with the ins and outs of a specific work environment. A few of these are:
    • Real estate sales training programs
    • Auto sales training programs
    • Pharmaceutical sales training programs
    • Medical sales training programs
  • Retail sales training program — Programs that are built for the retail sales space often offer different skills to be trained and tested on. These are more likely customer service focused programs that train new employees on how to sell to the customer in a retail setting while giving updates on new products or sales that come down the line.
  • Online personal training software — This is the smallest portion of the training software pie and usually works for the individuals or small teams. These software programs usually make up for a large portion of the free e-learning software that one will find when searching the web on topics like this.

With all the different types of selling and learning software out there, it’s easy to get wrapped up in one that targets a niche. The truth of the matter is, you simply need a learning software platform that you can incorporate and build your own, unique online sales training courses.

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Sales Enablement Training Software Comparison

Finding the most flexible and useful training software isn’t necessarily an easy task. For most cases, an eLearning software like Lessonly is going to be the most functional option. These systems stay away from being too specific toward one industry or topic while offer tracking and creation tools that make assigning and distributing training materials easier than ever. This market features a lot of different competitors however and completing an e-learning software comparison helps immensely when deciding which training software is the right fit for your business.

A good place to start would be to search for a reputable e learning software review or learning management system comparison article. These online training software reviews will show you which software systems can work for your size of your company, which have all the features you need, which are priced accordingly for your budget, and other differentiating offers from the rest of the pack. Some platforms will offer distance learning software to employees that work remotely that can’t be in the office every day. One of the most important measures of whether a sales training software will work for your company will inevitably be price, but be wary of free e-learning software. There are plenty of options of e-learning freeware on internet search right now, but do you want to trust your company’s productivity to free software? These are often built on open source code to keep costs down but rely on you to provide a lot of the upkeep. By investing in a trusted learning software like Lessonly, you can leave the hard work to the developers (us) and get back to helping your employees learn what they need to know.

Benefits of Sales Training Software

At the very basic level, training exists to help people — inside and outside of work — be the best that they can be. There’s a sense of comfort that can be provided to an employee when they just know what they have to do, and that is amplified on the sales team. Bringing in sales training programs for your employee takes away the anxiety of not knowing what to do when they’re face-to-face with a client. With software sales training courses employees can stay on top of the newest products when selling to customers, educate themselves on how their product is better than the competition, and generally stay more engaged in the company and what’s going on. Sales training courses are the oil that makes your sales team run more smoothly and efficiently. By offering these sales training courses online, you give your employees the freedom to soak up information where they do it the best. Not all learning situations work for everyone’s knowledge retention, so by giving people the choice to take it on their terms, there’s the greater chance that sales skills training is going to stick.

Being able to create, assign, and track lessons and training for your sales team, you place more trust in them. For all the benefits that the learners receive, sales training software allows the administrators and managers to get to measure the progress of their employees to see how their lessons are going. This is something that Lessonly excels at. After lessons are assigned, one look at the lesson overview page allows the administrators to see which employees are absorbing all the information you can throw at them, and which ones need more help in a certain area. In addition, centralized software helps keep your entire team on the same page without them spending time in conference rooms, airplanes, and on the road. This, in turn, creates better team members than sales training seminars could provide. By keeping things close to home and employing web-based sales training that you can track, monitor, and implement all from your own office.

Making the Move to Online Sales Training Software

Implementing sales training software may seem like there’s a ton of work involved. But, the reality is that online sales training software can help your sales reps learn, practice, and perform more than ever before. When it comes to moving your offline sales training into an online environment, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. We’ve seen that the companies with the best sales training programs do these six things:

Assess your training efforts: Creating the top sales training programs starts with an honest evaluation of your team’s current efforts. Talk with your sales reps and sales managers and review data to find the successes and challenges of your training program. 

Make a plan: Once you’ve assessed your training program, it’s time to make a sales training agenda that incorporates your plan for sales training ideas. Ask yourself how will your online sales training programs differ for new hires from veteran sales reps and what’s your timeline for training? 

Work with subject matter experts: The content in your sales training courses is everything. So, when it comes time to start building your sales training program, remember to harness the knowledge and expertise of your frontline reps.

Maximize training impact: Training is only effective if your reps engage with their sales training program. That’s why we love sales training software. First, it supports various sales training methods, like videos, photos, and practice scenarios, so it’s likely to attract different types of learning styles. Additionally, it makes training available on-demand, so reps can complete training when and where it’s best for them. 

Reinforce skills and deliver feedback: Training truly never ends. When sales training is paired with intentional practice and thoughtful coaching, it’s a recipe for success. Sales training software is a one-stop-shop to deliver training, encourage thoughtful practice, and deliver one-on-one feedback.

Measure results: In the end, sales training is about delivering results. Instead of tracking sales training engagement and results, find sales training software that makes it easy to tap into the power of data. This means you’ll be able to easily measure training engagement, completion rates, and performance.

Online Sales Training Programs: One and Done With Lessonly

Lessonly is an online training software platform that houses learning materials. It’s an excellent tool to help companies maneuver through their employee training plan. Whether it’s selling skills training, presentation training, or negotiating training, you can build and upload learning material that’s concise to your company and your employees. The essential learning is covered in addition to sales tips and tricks that pertain to your company personally.

Don’t know where to start with your essential material or sales training tips? Lessonly provides all clients with a myriad of downloadable resources. You can use the resources to weave in ideas for your own training or use the resources as a whole in your sales training.

Lessonly’s corporate training software saves teams time while enabling effective learning and retention. With our elearning platform, you can mix up employee training methods instead of having to stick to one. Rewrite the sales training definition in your company with engaging, entertaining elearning courses. No longer does your team have to file through a sales training manual. PDF version? It’s untrackable! With Lessonly lessons, learners can engage in learning while doing so in their favorite environments, and administrators can track the progress on the platform. Free sales training videos and a free sales training manual won’t do your team justice if they are not sculpted to fit with your company’s mission, values, and preferred practices.

With Lessonly as your choice for online education software for sales, you enable yourself to really focus on the learning of your representatives. You can incorporate more sales training materials into sales training courses online, when delivered and taken in a timely manner, save managers time to focus on the development of the individual. Sales training tips aren’t going to do much good if your reps don’t know how to use them. For example, managers can use Lessonly’s lesson building and tracking functions to create free online sales training certification for their reps. When a new batch of reps is onboarded, use lessons, quiz questions, and case studies to guide them through the process, and reward them with certification at the end.

Lessonly is learner-focused. We’re automating aspects of the learning system so businesses can focus on growing their people. Great learning reaps even greater benefits. Interested in trying Lessonly? Check out some online training software reviews, watch this preview, or check out our resources below.