What is the best way to deliver customer service training?

Kate Nasser is the people skills coach. She helps people understand how to interact with other people in a beneficial way. In short, we’re thankful for people like Kate. Because of her background and her gracious willingness to chat with me, her and I discussed a number of customer service-related topics in this video. Here is a quick snippet, specifically about the best ways to deliver training to a customer service team. Enjoy!

What are some other ways that you do training? What are some other activities or formats – what’s the best way to train a customer service team?

Well, I used to say the best way was always face-to-face because it’s not about scripts, it’s not about formulas, it’s about engaging the reps from their own attitudes.

It’s very psychological – the training that I do – is very psychological. It’s not “touchy-feely” and it’s not psychoanalysis, but you really have to think about if you’re going to work with a customer, what is your philosophy? What is going to be your attitude? How are you going to sustain yourself?

So, face-to-face, at least in the beginning does give you the advantage because there’s so much more that goes on, like body language.

However, I now deliver training globally through a very high-tech version of what we’re doing today. Today, it’s a Google Hangout, sometimes it’s Skype one-on-one, but when you’re doing work for a large corporation, they have much more sophisticated technology. So, for example, I will be in New York City in a telepresence room put together by Cisco teaching people in Manilla. That type of technology helps.

Then there’s also the add-on training. I do webinars now. I just trained a mid-sized medical software-type company. There folks work from home, a lot of them are coders, etc. So, I did a webinar for them, where I’m sitting here in my office like I am with you and they can see me and we did little exercises.

The actual vehicle we use today is varied.

The most important thing that every manager, reader, business owner needs to know is that whatever customer service training you buy, it has to be interactive and engaging.

Customer service training is behavior training. You don’t learn behavior change through a PowerPoint presentation. You don’t learn by being talked at, and people don’t want to be talked at nowadays anyway. Can you imagine 5 hours of PowerPoint?

The two words to remember: Engagement and Interaction.

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